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SAGA’s 16th Annual Halloween Spooktacular: Nothing Better Than Dogs in Costume

SAGA – the San Pedro Humane Society named after one of the very first dogs that they helped – has been operating on Ambergris Caye for 18 years.  Fully funded by donations and volunteers, this AMAZING organization has done SO much caring for the pets and strays on the island, educating on animal health and welfare…I can’t say enough great things about SAGA.

Yesterday was there BIG fundraiser of the year – if you missed it, I’m sure they would SO APPRECIATE a donation big or small on their website (they feed and medicate so many animals…they are ALWAYS short on funds).  I stopped in to take some pictures and just ooohhhh…and ahhhh…over dogs in costume.  Nothing cuter.

I wrote about SAGA in my book and about the dogs on Ambergris Caye but I’ll say it here again:  if you are an animal lover – or even liker – you can not come to San Pedro without falling in love with a dog.  Whether it is waiting patiently next to you at Estel’s asking politely for a piece of bacon with his eyes or just lounging in the sun in Central Park, the “potlickers” of our island are just THE BEST.  Much of that is due to SAGA.

Here’s a link to my book just in case you haven’t seen it 🙂  It’s still a #1 new release.  THANK YOU!

I stopped into the big event at Crazy Canuck’s yesterday and here’s what I saw.

Crazy Canuck’s is now on a large empty lot!  It used to be the Exotic Caye Resort and before that Playador Hotel.  Now they are making room for a large Marriott project.

Let’s get to the cuteness.  Oh wait…not that.


SOme great photos from the Crazy Canuck’s Facebook page.

Oh Bella!


And back to some of mine!

A SLEW of generous donations from businesses all over town.  Look at this raffle list!

And also silent auction items.  One of my books was there!  (and yes…I bid it up!)

The staff was dressed – the place was BUSY – I hope they made a ton of money.

I have to admit that I had a favorite.  This gumball machine is just tooooo cute.

SO CUTE.  Pictures of Gumball (that would be the cutest dog name!) from Krista at Crazy Canucks.

For a look at previous parties – back to the 9th Annual SAGA Spooktacular check out some of the older blogs below.

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