2019 San Pedro Holiday Lighted Boat Parade Shines on A Gorgeous December Night

The 2019 San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade is THE best way the start off the Holiday Season

SONGS OF GOOD CHEER CHRISTMAS IS HERE!  I’ve been caroling (to myself) since I drove out of town last night…

HARK HOW THE BELLS SWEET SILVER BELLS.  Bumping along in the dark on the golf cart ride home.

The 2019 Holiday Lighted Boat parade AGAIN was just about the cutest thing ever.  (Next week, I’ll be the declaring the 2019 LoveFM Holiday Parade thru town the cutest thing of the year.  I can’t help it.  I secretly love all things Christmas.)

Last night, about 10 boats bobbled and bumper-car-ed in the water to line up as the sunset on a gorgeous night in San Pedro.

My photographs are mediocre at best…lighted moving boats at night…it’s not my wheelhouse.  But I did get a bunch of pretty shots of the gorgeous sunset and a few of the boats that I can share with you.

So I don’t leave you hanging.

Here we go.

I walked onto the beach and the sky was aglow.  The Palapa Bar was already packed for a party.

I was looking for a dock to sprawl out on.  I need to steady my camera and lay very still.  That’s my technique 🙂

Golf carts were starting to line up.  One hour later, there were 100s…

Two lots down, I noticed that an older wooden house was gone and some serious pyle driving was occurring…

And a purposely mysterious sign.

I stopped to photograph some early birds that were finishing their set up.  LOVE a boat with a mermaid!

A new look at this dock.  From afar….

Wayo’s Bar was packed…Hurricane’s Bar had a good sized crowd.  Sandy Toes was hoping but I spotted a bar – on the longest dock in the area that had almost no one there.  SO I chose that as my outpost.

The view as the sun was just about setting…

And I was ready for the boats.

Let me start with complete honesty – and an example of what 99% of my photos look like.  Is that a scared animal in headlights?  Or a lighted boat parade?

Here are the handful that turned out decently.

Santa showing kids how to put trash in the can!

And then the cutest croc I ever did see.


That’s all I got.  I stopped on my way home to take a photo of this pretty tree at Sagebrush Church…singing all the way.


This is JUST the beginning of the season – there is a tree lighting and Santa visit at Truck Stop tonight…the LoveFM parade next weekend as well as…

A Craft Fair and Cookie-Bake-Off at Truck Stop next weekend.  December 14th from 2-4pm.

I’ll also be there selling some of my books and signing them…if you are interested.  I’ll see you there!

Miss Maria Fruits

You can also buy it on Amazon – at Flight Cafe in San Pedro or at Beach Basket at Grand Caribe.









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