A Cold Front Coming and Grinching Out For the LoveFM Holiday Parade

Christmas is A WEEK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!  And all of Ambergris Caye is decorated for the holidays.  Sunday evening, LoveFM (the biggest radio station in Belize) held its annual SUPER FUN Lighted Holiday parade on the streets of San Pedro.

I got there early…the parade generally starts about half an hour after nightfall…but things didn’t go quite as I had planned.

I know the parade was awesome.   Last year’s was the biggest parade of the year in San Pedro but this year?  It was my second trip to town for the day (each drive to town is about 40 minutes of bumpy golf carting), my “real” camera (non-phone camera) is broken and I just wasn’t feeling it.  Add in that the parade started about an hour late?

I only got pictures of the pre-show…the early bird line-up.  And then I stomped down to my favorite grocery store, passing expectant kids in their Sunday best, and took a seat behind the counter.   I watched the brisk business of selling beers and candy and waited…and waited…

Munching on Fritos, I tried to follow the plotline of the Turkish soap opera that the store owner was watching…

At around 7:15pm (I’d arrived at 5:15pm) – I asked a lovely traffic officer to help extract me from my parking spot and I drove home.

Now that I see all the lovely pictures…I feel guilty.  I can make up for it next year.

Here are my pre-show pics.

The cart from Alaia and the Rotary Club with 75 lbs of candy…ready for throwing to the waiting kids.

I took a quick selfie. 😉

Usually Miss San Pedro’s arrival is a sign that the parade is starting soon but not this time.  Our 2019 Miss SP is an early bird.  I like it!

The town council was giving out TOYS as well.  Bags and bags were loaded onto a pick up truck…

A very pretty night…

Let’s switch to the more exciting news…


According to Windfinder (the only accurate weather forecast I know of here in Belize) – the winds are going to shift tonight.  

Coming from the north and REALLY picking up on Thursday, temperatures are going to dip to the LOW 70S!  And maybe even lower in the coming week…

Note to those unaccustomed to a Belize “Cold Front” –>

Belize weather is pretty reliable – between 80 and 90 degrees (80 in the winter/spring up to 90 in the summer/fall) – warm and humid.  During the winter, we get cold fronts.  Where the cold weather from the north dips all the way down to the Yucatan…our area.

Temperatures can go as low as the mid-60s.  For many of you, this is WARM.  You will see visitors snorkeling and diving and sunning.  You will see locals in sweat shirts and wool hats.

Remember…it’s all relative.

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