Gorgeous Belize Weather & Lunch at Blue Water Grill

This last week on Ambergris Caye has really been beautiful.  And the island is HOPPING with all the visitors.  Give yourself a bit of extra time if you have errands or plans in town – traffic is moving slowly.  But what’s the rush anyway?  I find, as the passenger in our golf cart, that it’s the perfect time to enjoy the sights of the town.

Like one of my favorite dogs lounging just inches away from traffic…minding his business.

Yesterday, we treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at Blue Water Grill.

Here are all my pictures from the last few days.  My time is running out!  We have a full morning of errands (boat registrations, shopping for the camp) in town on the very last year of what’s been a great decade.

I’ll start up by me – during a walk around Mile 6-7 on Ambergris Caye.

“Our” easement to the beach.

The water at Xtan Ha Resort (our neighbor)

A bit farther south…

Beautiful Casa Rana.

There are some ridiculously large coconut palms.

I RARELY see a jelly fish so I had to take a picture.

Okay…two.  About the size of my palm.

To town!  The stage was going up in Central Park for tonight’s spectacular!

And now the fantastic lunch at Blue Water Grill…

Located beachfront at the Sunbreeze Hotel.

Have a seat on the patio and enjoy the view.

Mmmmm…pork belly tacos…

And this salmon salad that we just love…they serve it at dinner too.  I love the crispy skin and the super tender, rare fish.

And with that…we are off to town.  Enjoy – have a fabulous super safe night and WELCOME 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!  It seems crazy just to type it.  Like we live in the future!

And make sure to pick up a book for your vacation – definitely on Amazon but also in town!



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