GORGEOUS Cool Holiday Weather On Ambergris Caye

The few days leading up to the Christmas rush had us all a bit worried.  A big cold front blew in on December 18th and with it…grey and rainy and blustery weather.

For the best weather forecasting on Ambergris Caye – see Windfinder.  No…I would not bet on the forecast 10 days out but would you do that anywhere?

Rain for one of the biggest weeks for tourism on Ambergris Caye and throughout the country?!?!?  No.  Thankfully.   Things started to die down around the 22nd and the holidays…have been ridiculously gorgeous.  Still on the cool side – maybe a light sweater at night if you are visiting or, if you are a local, a heavy jacket and wool hat.

But here are some pics from my holiday at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly – and from our trip to town on Christmas eve…

Starting at the camp.  Wagging dogs as Jeff returns…

Camp tree covered in fishing flies, bobbers, Belize City bicycle license plates and sea bean ornaments.

My 8 minute Christmas Day paddle.  I only slammed into mangroves twice.  Luckily Frances is a sturdy little dog – she is named after Cayo Frances after all.

Now…to the reef side.  And town on Christmas eve.

That’s it for now but blogging is back on!  Vacation OVER!  I hope you guys all had a fantastic holiday.  I am just about to hit the 1000 mark on Amazon on book sales (see little ad below…)

More from me later!




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