Made in Belize: Shopping for Christmas Gifts With Local Vendors in Belize City

Buy Local, Made in Belize – Get BEAUTIFUL things, Support Your Community

I’ve seen so many posts on social media:  Anti-consumerism, NOT participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday…stick it to the man.   I get it.  Jeff Bezos, richest man on earth, founder of Amazon, modern-day slave driver, probably doesn’t need my $50.

But you know who does?  Small shops, local vendors, the artists and crafters and risk-taking entrepreneurs who we see around town or the country who are doing something different.  Taking the BIG jump by quitting their “day jobs” to open a shop or working late at night, after their day jobs, to do what they love in hopes they can someday do the same.

TRUST me when I say that working for yourself sounds awesome but it has its own huge set of stresses that go along with it.

Small local businesses NEED our support and this is the time of year they count on.  Tourist season…Christmas season…the holidays.

Friday afternoon I headed to Belize City on the water taxi.

I’d been invited to stay at a new hotel/restaurant/hip spot in my favorite neighborhood of Belize’s largest city, the historic Fort George area.

North Park Hotel was hosting a “Backyaad Sip and Shop” featuring music, snacks and drinks and vendors from around the country – some I’ve met before and some new to me.  I’ll write more about the LOVELY spot in a beautiful old waterfront colonial home soon…

Look at the ceiling in the dining area – the mahogany!

…but for now, let me show you what I bought…what I loved and vendors that I think you’ll also love.  Oh…and how you too can contact them.

Here’s the BackYaad Sip and Shop.

There will be a holiday craft fair and COOKIE Bake-Off Competition at Truck Stop in San Pedro – keep an eye on the event to see who will be featured!  And scroll down below to see some of my posts about the previous year’s events.

This gorgeous envelope clutch/incredible SHEEK (i hate the way the real spelling looks) to use as a wallet, a clutch bag or a passport and documents or Kindle holder.  I’ve been eye balling this for a while – to add to my Twig and Pearl collection.  Rebecca, the owner, is so incredibly talented and just lovely.  (This is me gushing on her a few years back- Rebecca Stirm is Going to Be Famous…Seriously)

From an older bag that I have…it weathers so beautifully – and I expose it to the sun, salt and rain.

Kaj Expression’s jewelry.  I always love it from afar…but this time, I actually bought some earrings that I LOVE and have already worn them.  The simple but creative hoops…I can’t even tell I’m wearing them.  Except when people tell me that they love my earrings.

She is also a KICK-ASS entrepreneur and influencer and role model for girls around Belize.

Look at my purchases!

I met a new (to me) artisan – a lovely young woman named Asia who is doing Zest Handcrafted and some fun, creative earrings made out of hand poured (and glittered) resin.  These palm earrings might be the cutest Belize souvenir ever?

And she had sold out of these, but I will be ordering.  The multi-color glitter is SO New Years Eve perfect.

This is not a craft but beautiful flowers imported from Mexico for the holidays.  I bought this PINK one…and it’s absolutely dreamy.  These flowers are also native to Central America so I’m going to try to grow more…maybe I’ll be a vendor next year.  (Magic 8 Ball says:  VERY DOUBTFUL)

They are in Belize City but you can contact the shop by Facebook and they can ship easily to San Pedro.  But if you are looking for peachy-pink, be quick!  They brought in mostly red.

And before you message me, I just looked it up.  Poinsettias get a bad rap – they are only mildly toxic to animals.

Here are some other links to some of my very favorites (I’m sure I’m forgetting some, there are so many) but here you go.  It’s so great to buy directly from the artist if you can.

I’ll start with shame-less plugging – but I really think that any Ambergris Caye-lover would love my new book.  The beautiful cover by Slackertide makes it one cute stocking stuffer.  AND…I should show SOME gratitude to Amazon – who makes it relatively easy and affordable to self publish!

Ebook or paperback at Amazon – or you can pick up a copy of the paperback in San Pedro at Flight Cafe and the next-door French Bakery!  They are donating their $6bzd to ACES (Crocodile Rescue and sanctuary) – which makes it even more extra special.

The most beautiful earrings I’ve ever purchased made of conch and freshwater pearls from Jeanna at Mermaid Charms in Placencia.  Here’s an example of her work.

This pic was taken in 2013 of a necklace I wish I bought.

Or even this necklace that I also loved.

MayaBags in Punta Gorda.  I bought one for myself a few years back for Christmas and it is still my go-to dress up item.  I LOVE IT.  And…it’s the only thing I owned that was in Vogue Magazine.  VOGUE!  Contact them directly if you are in Belize for shipping and perhaps a discount.

Lyra Spang in Placencia is an anthropologist who focuses on FOOD!  And she recently wrote a book that I need to get my hands on.  She also does food tours – Taste Belize!…which is RIGHT in my wheel house.

Fay Jackson and Fabric Twists in Punta Gorda also makes some beautiful SUPER LIGHT necklaces out of only fabric.  But they can be so casual…and dress up a tee shirt so beautifully.  I’m a fan.

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