Why YOU Should Visit Belize in January

Why Belize in January?

If you are looking to get away from cold weather, Belize in January is perfect.  In fact, for sun, a light breeze and  slightly cooler nights (think high 70s F), the first few months in Belize are IDEAL.   January through April generally promises the best weather – and it also means the most visitors.  

Dock North Ambergris Caye

Here are few things you can expect if you visit Belize and more specifically Ambergris Caye in January.

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I took all pictures in this post in Belize in January.

Mahogany Bay Beach Club Belize in January

THE WEATHER:  The “rainy” season is coming to a quick end (generally Sept, October and Nov) and it took most of its bugs with it.  The weather is fantastic.  Warm and sunny during the day, warm at night, you are going to be glad you visited in January.  

Can I guarantee that every day you visit is perfection?  No.  But odds are on my side, ALMOST every one of them will be.  (I am typing with some sense of irony…it is pouring rain right now…but hey…it’s the tropics.  And not typical)

Belize in January

HIGH SEASON:  High season in Belize does not mean crowds.  If you are picturing Cancun in all of its frenzy, you are picturing TOTALLY wrong.

Beach by Estels

In Belize, it just means that lots of things are going on.  Bars and restaurants are in full swing.  Bands, karaoke, drumming events, festivals, Mayan buffets, casinos, people just lounging on tubes…there is something to do each day or night of the week (if that’s your thing).  Or if daytime adventures are more your bag…

Jewelry table beach San Pedro

For those that like country/folk music, Jerry Jeff Walker and after he passed, his crew, comes to Belize each year in January for Camp Belize.  While the tickets can be hard to get – pre-sold for months in advance – it means there is lots of additional live music happening on the island.
Here is the last time that I went to see Jerry Jeff Walker at Fido’s Bar.  This year, he is playing at The Palapa Bar over the water.

Also, Kelly McGuire, an island FAVORITE has dates scheduled already.

January 30th, The Dive Bar, 2pm and again, Feb 3, 2pm

Palapa Bar, February 2, 2pm

TRIPS and TOURS EVERY DAY:  If you have visited in the summer, you know the drill on excursions.  Most, like trips to the Blue Hole or zip lining on the mainland, only go if they have enough people to fill the boat.  Economically, it just doesn’t make sense to leave half full.  So, in the summer or the fall, you could be waiting a few days to take that sail to Caye Caulker or do that special dive at Turneffe.  But in January, it’s much easier to plan your schedule.  Trips are going out pretty much every day.   It’s a relatively full house.

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Touching Jaguar Paw Belize Zoo


The fall migration brings hundreds of types of birds to Belize for the warmer weather.  There are certain areas of the country that are famous for birding watching like Crooked Tree on the mainland but you can see some beauties while driving your rental golf cart on Ambergris Caye.

Perhaps my favorite is the roseate spoonbill.

But seeing a wild parrot or a toucan on the mainland, a bright green parakeet or hummingbird on the cayes is pretty spectacular too.

Roseate Spoonbill

LOBSTER:  Lobster seasons starts in June in Belize in grand fashion – with three huge lobster festivals in San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia.  Not celebrated is the close of the season – on February 15th.  January is the last full month to have delicious BBQed lobster, lobster fritters, even lobster corn dogs.


I really think the best way to DIVE into Belize is by tasting as much of the local food as you can.  Eat tacos for breakfast, fry jacks, ceviche, maybe a little pigtail?  Definitely rice and beans.  I have a TON of my favorites in my book.  Grab a copy before you come down.  And maybe make a few notes like Lynda and her boyfriend did.

(Thanks for the picture Lynda!)

Here is a CRAZY fun event at one of the best BBQ spots on the island.

Here’s the last time I made it to the event.  And a picture of Chef Amy…look at those ribs.

THE WEATHER:  Okay…I said it before.  But it is EVERYTHING at this time of year.  Perfection, perfection, perfection both in and out of the water.

YOLO Trip in January

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Reasons to Visit Belize in January

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