Kelly McGuire Performs at the Opening of a ReBranded Bar in San Pedrito

Every year, about this time, Kelly McGuire, a popular singer songwriter from Texas, USA, rolls into San Pedro, Belize to celebrate his birthday on his very favorite tropical island.

I met him over 10 years ago when he performed at the bar I was managing, the Tacklebox…it seems like many lifetimes ago.  And I’ve seen him just about every year since.

Some highlights!

2013 — An amazing fundraiser and auction for SAGA Humane Society with Kelly  (one of many!)

2014 — A Catamaran trip with Kelly and the fans

2015 — A Fantastic Show at the Old Palapa Bar with Kelly

2017 – Perhaps my favorite – Kelly McGuire breaking the law 😉

Great songs that are very easy to sing along to, great storytelling and a great guy, he always draws a big crowd on the island.

Now back to the present day.

Here is his VERY FULL schedule for 2020.

Yesterday, I dropped by the re-opening of a bar back in the San Pedrito neighborhood of San Pedro.  (Read this SUPER INTERESTED article about how all the original neighborhoods on the island were filled and divided up.  Most involve secret deals and elections.  Just 30 years ago, San Pedrito was just a “swamp” behind San Pedro town.)

The infamous Captain Iguana’s Sports Bar has been substantially expanded and re-done.  A HUGE dock space and marina have been built at the back – and there are new owners.  And a new name – Salty Anchor.

Here is a sad-looking map I put together using Google Maps.  The arrow marked TOWN is pointing to Central Park in downtown San Pedro.

And here is a picture from Captain Iguana’s that I found when it opened in 2010.  Just a wooden building looking over the San Pedro lagoon.

Now it has doubled (or more) in size…and there is a substantial dock so that people can arrive by boat.

Here are my pictures from yesterday!

This business is part of the larger business group called Salt Life Belize.  They are building a HUGE development down south…and own Salty Anchor, Casa Picasso Restaurant, Black Orchid Restaurant and Paradice Ice Cream.  (WOW!)

It’s a HUGE building…


Kelly sounded great.

And there was a big crowd…inside and on the HUUUUGE back deck.  A look to the west and the San Pedro lagoon.

And back towards the east and the runway.

Seriously pretty dock.  Arriving by boat is the ideal way to go.  The roads in San Pedrito are a bit bumpy…

But it’s not a far drive.  And you can check it out for yourself…Salty Anchor Marina Bar is open daily from 11 to 8 pm.  A cool wide-angled shot from their Facebook page.

AND you have plenty of chances to go see Kelly too. Enjoy!  Such a fun time.

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