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Pictures from my Week on Ambergris Caye

Real update:  I’ve been trying to step away from the TV (there is just so much in the news right now PLUS Megxit yesterday?  I can’t even!) and get outside to my real life.  It’s been hard.

It’s been a windy, weather-shifting week on Ambergris Caye.  A “cold front” got winds blowing from the north and I saw some of the lowest tides in years…

The beach looks BEAUTIFUL.

And then yesterday RAIN all afternoon and night as the wind shifted again…now coming from the east…

The sun is out now but the wind continues to BLOW!

Want to hear more about wind on Ambergris Caye 😉 – probably not.  I’ll just get to my photos of the scenery and other random things for the week.

Habanero peppers are looking pretty this week!  (Habaneros in Belize is CHEAP – even on Ambergris, they are usually 2 for a shilling.  2 for 25 cents belize.  A big bowl of them is as pretty as any flowers and good for about a week.)

Just keep them out of the hands of non-Belizean children…

The temperatures dipped into the low 70s…and soup was on the menu!  Cow Foot Soup is a favorite in Belize.  Did you know that it’s actually the cow ankle and not the foot?  I guess Cankle Soup doesn’t really market well.

At Briana’s Deli.

Heading to the beach to walk the dogs…

Looking beautiful with the tide low…and the beach side was the warmest spot on the island (since the wind was coming from the back.)

Tiny snails exposed all along the beach – they are usually covered by water.

A good time to look for sea beans on the shoreline.  I found 2 sea hearts – they come from the longest legume pod in the world – a sea purse and a thick banded hamburger bean.

For more read:  Things You Find On the Beach on Ambergris Caye Belize

Happy dogs and a praying mantis visitor.

A friend gave me a BEAUTIFUL old glass buoy.

And I stopped for a picture of Sol Cafe – love the pretty colors of the building and the bougainvillea.  They match.

Yesterday we woke up to drizzle – we packed the golf cart and draped Elsie in a raincoat for the ride to town.

Took a picture of Panny’s Christmas tree (before they take it down) and his new sign for tours.

And we headed up to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly where the rain started in earnest…

That’s it from me today – I’m getting started on my new book…actually BOOKS.  But let me actually START them before I blurt out my ideas.

For more information on my Ambergris Caye book (people have left such thoughtful reviews) – see Amazon to get a copy.  She’s been busy!



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