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Februrary Photos Around Ambergris Caye: North, West and Center

Good morning all from Cayo Frances Farm & Fly,

February is starting out BEAUTIFULLY – warm sunny weather…a bit of breeze…the perfect time to test out my new camera.

Yes, I’ll be calling it “my new camera” for the next year.  My first real camera is going to take a while to get used to…

I’ll start with a few pictures I took in town yesterday and then move around the island.

I like that this glitter sign stays up for a few months after the big event.  Last year it got swapped out for a Carnaval sign – you can check it out here.

The 2020 Carnival/Carnaval is later in February.  I find the best place to keep up to date on Carnaval events is The San Pedro Town Council Facebook page.

I dropped off signed copies of my book for sale at Belizean Melody’s Art Galleries – on Front Street, San Pedro.

And her spot up north across from Belizean Shores Resort.

A few pictures around our home up north.  About 7.5 miles north.  Most, if not all, taken at Tuto – our neighbor.  (Here’s a peek at the GORGEOUS SPOT.)


And then almost directly across the island – due west.  To Cayo Frances Farm and Fly on the west side of Ambergris Caye.  We took the boat up from town yesterday afternoon.

We first stopped at the Belize Port Authority to drop off some paperwork.

A boat named Bodacious.

Bodacious Boat

It’s the area where everything is brought to the island – from food to beer – and the trash leaves.

To the camp!

Passing Cayo Espanto…


Arrival At Cayo Frances

And then 101 photos at camp.

I’ll start with the little mangrove warbler that is singing outside the window right now.  They really are the friendliest birds.  (Photo taken thru window screen!)

Mangrove Warbler

I just chased him down and got a better picture.

Mangrove Warbler Ambergris Caye

A walking iris – these things grow like CRAZY.

Still waiting for my Black Orchids to bloom.

And two quick pics inside…and then I’ll leave you be!

And our book case which is quickly being filled with all sorts of stuff.  (I am a bit “stuff collector”)

But when the stuff is FUN stuff like Belikin dominos and reference books about Belize and these…




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