Our Late February Weather has Been BEYOND Gorgeous

Over the weekend, we had a bit of a “cold front” blow through.  Winds coming in from the north – lowering the humidity, adding just a touch of chill to the northerly breeze.

Tuto Belize

Absolute weather perfection.  It could be no nicer right now.  Things will change again later this week – there is a much stronger north wind coming in (currently predicted for Thursday) that should bring a bit of rain and cooler temperatures.   Probably our last “cold front” of the year – and then things start heating up for Easter.

Here are some photos I took walking the dogs…and then some I took going into town later in the afternoon to try to get some pictures of  Carnaval in San Pedro.

With hardly any breeze, the water was still.  You could see the fish…and the little blue herons, reddish egrets and other birds searching for them.

Dog shenanigans…

And a crab shell in the dried turtle grass on shore.  We have been extremely lucky since about August with little to no sargassum on short here on Ambergris Caye.  THANK GOD.

Tuto Cabanas

I headed into town at about 3pm.  And found I was WAY too early for Carnaval.

The clock was wrapped.

San Pedro Clock

Some people were selling paint…just in case you didn’t mix your own.

A last look at the Manatee statue without 1000 splatters of paint on him.  Every year he gets covered in paint at Carnaval (as do the park benches) and every year, they get a fresh coat of paint.

Here’s the Park Turtle a few years ago.

I decided to drive on the beach road in Boca Del Rio on the way home.  SO many families were out – golf carts parked on the beach, kids in the water.

The same view – pictures taken during the school week.

Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar.

Hurricane Ceviche Bar

And a photo on my way home – in the Tres Cocos area, about 1 mile north of the bridge.

I’m home today working on my Caye Caulker book – hopefully out much later this year.  And then headed to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly tomorrow.

Some pictures from my trip to CFFF last week…

Botehouse Cayo Frances

Cayo Frances Channel

Can you stand it?  PERFECTION!

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