Why YOU Should Visit Belize in April and May

April and May can be some pretty great months to visit Belize.  The Spring Break rush has started to thin out.  The peak airline prices of December and US Presidents’ Week are starting to come down a bit (I won’t be discussing other reasons they might be lower right now…)  And the wetter season hasn’t started yet so the average day is rain-free and warm.

On the mainland it can be very warm…but let me tell you some of the reasons that the trip will be well worth it.

(Insert Plug for my book if you are planning a trip to Ambergris Caye any time of year!)

Belize Travel GuideAll the usual every day Belize stuff is going on…snorkeling the reef, beach barbecues, food tours, diving, spotting manatees, visiting stunning Mayan ruins, bird watching, cave tubing and zip lining and more.

Not enough?  Here are some special events you can add to your itinerary in April and May.

Diving and Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

The largest fish in the sea can be seen feeding on snapper spawn off the coast of Belize during the full moons in April and May.  A few days before and a few days after these moons, the sharks migrate to this area to eat.  It’s what they do…it’s what they live for.  It can’t be easy to maintain a weight of 20 tons eating plankton and fish eggs.

**Wait…what?  Worm moon?  An icky name for a nice idea – the beginning of spring…the thaw of the earth.  May I suggest Crocus Moon instead?

AND YOU CAN SWIM WITH THEM…or at least try to keep up.

Thats me

I saw these HUGE sharks last year off the coast of Isla Holbox, Mexico (that’s me on the right) and trust me, it is the most awesome experience.  Ever.

Easter Madness, April 10, 11 and 12th

 Benque, in Western Belize, covers the streets in colored sawdust artwork for the holy procession to the church in the evening.Easter is both the highest holiday on the Christian calendar and the biggest party weekend of the year- when Belizeans all head to the beach.  It’s really interesting how Belize tries to maintain both “traditions”.

Good Friday is the holiest day – there is no alcohol served (at stores or in bars) around the country – including the international airport.  Benque, in western Belize, covers the streets in colored artwork for the holy procession in the evening.  It’s quite beautiful.

On Ambergris Caye, it is a quiet day – with a procession in the evening.  Last year, there was decorating around the statue by the Roman Catholic Church.

At midnight, Friday night/early Saturday morning, the bars and clubs open and the streets are mobbed…

Every golf cart is rented and town is BUSY – loud music and young people.  Slowing down as we approach Easter Monday – a proper holiday in Belize so that everyone can get back home…

The 51st Annual Belmopan Agriculture and Trade Show, The Fair Grounds, Belmopan, May 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Crowded?  Check. Crazy crowded.  Approximately 20,000 people attend this event.

Hot?  Check.  Very very.

Fun?  Check. 100 checks.  This event should not be missed…actually that is not true.  Everyone should go once.   Food, drink, dancing, games, carnival rides, animals, plant and fruit shows, a rodeo, live music and everyone you know in Belize…I haven’t even scratched the surface.  Check out my two-parter on the 2014 Ag Show.  (Part One and Part Two).  And I’ll definitely see you there!


Here’s how you can check them out on Facebook for more information.

Just take a look at the inner workings of the giant ferris wheel!  If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.


Chocolate Festival of Belize, Punta Gorda, Belize

May 24th to May 26th.  Over a long, holiday weekend in Belize (Commonwealth Day), this festival celebrates the chocolate industry in Belize.  See how chocolate is grown, harvested and made.  Eat the chocolates of Belize from all over the country like one I love Belize Chocolate Company’s dark chocolate with chili.  Slather on some of their chocolate body butter.

I had so much fun at the Street Fair in 2014.

Punta Gorda is a REALLY special town.

Even taste the Belikin Chocolate Stout.  Follow the festival on Facebook for more information.

Looks like I am going to have a very busy few months.  Think you can get 2 months off of work?

Put the beginning of June on your calendar too – the MANGO FESTIVAL in Hopkins is SO great.  In 2018, I had the best stay there for the event.

And then you can also go see the BURNING WATER!  The bioluminesce JUST outside of Hopkins is fantastic.

And then…June brings lobster season and the huge lobsterfest bashes around Belize.  Stay tuned. There is always something going on.

Lobster Festivals Belize 2020

And…if you like…you can share it on Pinterest.  In case you can’t get here until 2021.

Beautiful Belize is HOPPING in April and May and Even June...festivals and parties and fairs OH MY!

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