Corona Virus and Belize – Links and Some Thoughts

Morning all,

The world seems to have changed drastically in just a few days.  And I’ve paused a bit in blogging because 1. I have a head cold – and lots of head-stuffing congestion and 2. It seemed a bit tone-deaf to keep posting about traveling in Belize when…well…most people are canceling any travel plans they have and perhaps even staying in their home completely.

Fear not – things look the same here in Belize.  The weather is gorgeous…

But I find myself watching the news for hours on end…trying to predict the future.  Or even what is going to happen tomorrow and what is most clear to ME is…


I’ve never lived through anything like this.  And now, MORE THAN EVER, we need to be careful about where we get our news.  And how we are spreading news.  TRUST ME when I say that I hope this is media hype.  Though at this point, I hope all can concede that this is “all media hype” is wishful thinking.

This is a time for empathy and unity and looking out for others.   Sarcastic/mean comments or sharing memes or questioning official announcements – just think about how they might hurt rather than help.  No one should feel bad about saying they are worried.

This post puts it beautifully.

One day at a time, right?

So…when it comes to OFFICIAL information about Belize –  see the Government of Belize Press Office 

And of course, your local and national sites.  The CDC is an important one.

I would somewhat keep in mind that infrastructure in Belize – hospitals, labs, testing – are NOWHERE near as robust as the US or Canada or Europe.  That is something to keep in mind when traveling or thinking about traveling.

From the ground level – things are going to be tough here.  Many many employees are hourly.  And almost everyone on this island works in (or closely related to) the tourism industry.  This is the time of year when we all make money before the slow season (that starts at the end of the summer and doesn’t end until late November/December).

Here, at my home, we have done a good amount of pantry stocking, we have purchased prescriptions and medications for a few weeks, dog food and yes, even a case of toilet paper (I would like to use it if there is a quarantine put into place) – and I am SO grateful we were able to do that.  So many people are not.

I am going to keep doing what I do – posting pictures of Belize – because some people might need a break from the relentless news cycle.  I’m sure it is abundantly apparent – I am not a doctor or an expert in statistics or disease spread – I’m just trying to err on the side of caution when it seems most important.

Stay healthy everyone!

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