San Pedro Should Have a Parade EVERY Monday

Yesterday, Monday morning, I headed into town with a long list of errands.  Part of “my job” here in Ambergris Caye is provisioning for Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.  Jeff’s flyfishing camp is having a busy season – and since they are totally off the grid and only reachable by boat – he needs some help with groceries and all sorts of errands.

I had to visit the Sausage Factory (for sandwich meats, bacon and breakfast sausage), Caribbean Chicken for some free range eggs and Reinland steak (we found a cut that is SO delicious on the grill)…

Free Range Eggs Caribbean Chicken

Read my post about heading to beautiful Belizeafarm country – Blue Creek, Orange Walk- to visit Reinland Beef 

…I needed to make an employee deposit at the Credit Union, go to the bank and THEN…check on some newborn puppies.  But more on that later.

It was a gorgeous day but…bleh.  Monday morning errands.

I hit the road…about 35 minutes in the golf cart and parked in the “town parking lot”.  With restricted parking and the large number of carts on the island right now, it’s sometimes best to park and walk.

It is right next to the San Pedro Artisan Market on Back Street.

I walked up to the next street and BAM…I ran RIGHT into a parade.  What a fantastic way to start your week.  SUPER cute kids – celebrating “Child Stimulation Month”.  Tough name but good cause.  And the kids, though HOT (this was about 1 mile into their trek) were so super cute.

SO I took a bunch of pictures.

Child Stimulation Month

Just joyous.

A little super hero headed back to school after the parade.  SOO CUTE.

I had errands left to run.   I spotted my rabbit friend by this shop…and went in for some bananas.   (I use the term a bit loosely – he’s been known to chew on ankles when you are not looking.)

I picked up some custard apples for sale on Back A Back Street.

Looks weird – tastes SO GOOD.

Custard Apple

I then stopped in to drop off some food and fresh water for sweet sweet sweet Mocha.  She lives with some guys on one of the docks in the back of town and I tried to get her fixed a few months ago but she was already pregnant.  Here she is in January.

And they wanted to keep the puppies.

And so…Saturday night.  She had ELEVEN pups.

I am taking them to SAGA Humane Society tomorrow morning – while they are in a semi-safe spot for now, they need help being fed and cleaned and I am looking for someone to foster the whole family.

I know I shouldn’t get too attached and name them but here are my thoughts:  Fry Jack, Meat Pie, Johnny Cake, Tamale, Rice, Beans, Salbute, Dukunu (you can call him “Duke”), Panade, Pupusa and Garnache (or “Gary”).  Or maybe we should go with the coffee theme?  Latte is a cute name.

Yes – a dozen dogs.

Jeff and I are looking up “Whelping Box Construction” but hoping that someone loving with more time to care for these cuties will volunteer.

PLEASE let me or SAGA know.

I headed home to my own dogs – we’ve got three! – to head out to the beach.  Beautiful day.

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