Postcard From San Pedro, Belize

After watching the news for an hour or so this morning, we set out for town at about 10am to run some errands.  It was my first trip to town in about 5 days – I’ve been trying to shake a nasty head cold and am finally on the upswing.  Getting over the sinus issues and headaches slowly – still keeping away from others and taking it very easy.

There is such a STARK disconnect between the dire worldwide news and how it looks outside here on Ambergris Caye.  It’s ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!

That being said, things are changing here slowly.  As I headed over the bridge today, the officer at the toll handed me this.

There are some tourists around…more than I would have expected but few are coming in.  I asked some taxi drivers by the airstrip if they are still getting tourists, one answered “One or two here and there but not a lot. ”

A few hotels have closed temporarily and a few bars but for the most part, San Pedro is open right now.  Waiting.

Beach by the High School

The Government of Belize has issued some directions and some closures – including schools starting this Friday, March 20th and borders excluding the International Airport and the northern border with Mexico.  For all OFFICIAL information, please see the GOB Press Office.

Traffic in town has diminished greatly and there is plenty of parking (if you are looking for a bright spot?)

Frannie waiting like a good girl for us.


Shops in town seem to have run out of rice at the moment and 5-gallon waters are in short supply but there is plenty PLENTY of food.  And toilet paper.  Plenty.

“My” supermarket, Caye Mart, just got a large supply of food and goods, pet food and even tons of hand sanitizer, from the states.  There are no shortages right now.

All we can do right now is stick together, to allow correct information to spread rather than negativity or rumors.  Many many people are on edge right now.  And how can you blame them?  If you were worried about paying your bills or feeding your family last month…imagine adding this to your plate?

Belize’s #1 industry is tourism.

Here are some more pictures of the gorgeous day.  To keep you dreaming of when you CAN come visit Belize.  We ALL hope that is very very soon.

Sandy Toes


Almost too pretty.  It seemed fitting that when I got home this guy was waiting for me on the step.  He didn’t move at all.

I am very grateful for that.

Hang in there everyone!

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