Update from Ambergris Caye Belize, Quarantine Day 34

A month has passed since we entered quarantine on March 23rd – and as I BEMOANED in the last post – uncertainty is the new normal.

On an international level – when will airlines start flying internationally again?  When will people feel safe to fly?

On a local level, we have been very fortunate, at least where the virus is concerned.  The economic situation is on everyone’s mind.

There have been 18 confirmed cases and 2 deaths.  This weekend our original quarantine mandate ends and there will be a new one in place – for 2 additional months with negligibly fewer restrictions.

The Belikin distributor was able to open for beer sales this morning for the first time in over a month.  Here’s a pic my friend Maria took.

We also had a significant reduction in fuel prices – though you still might be sticker shocked by it if you are used to prices at the US pumps.

Reducted from $10.23BZD to $7.26.  (So $5.16US to $3.63US)

Though similar to US, no one is going anywhere…

I have no idea what the future brings…but what I can talk about is my life on Ambergris Caye.

I’ve been keeping a Pandemic Journal – just recording what I’m doing (or if you read between the lines – what I am NOT doing.)   Hardly blog-worthy, I’ve been putting it on my personal Facebook page each day.  Just me a sense of structure and perhaps something to wonder at in a few years.  (Who knows how we will look back on this time?)

Some pictures that I’ve taken around our direct area…and some pictures from a short trip to the camp – Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.  Approved by officials – to bring supplies.

Until about last week, the weather was OVER THE TOP GLORIOUS.  Clear skies, crystal clear waters…

Here is the beach just to the north of us at Tuto.

Tuto Beach Belize

Beach at Tuto

I don’t remember seeing the beach and the water looking this gorgeous.

And then the HUMIDITY CAME and smoke from the bush fires that are burning in the western Cayo region and all over Central America.    You see…there hasn’t been one drop of rain during the last thirty days and the land is incredibly dry.

You can see images from late March from NASA and here is a recent Channel 5 New report with specific numbers and locations on the mainland – Belize Forests Burning out of Control.

The sky has been hazy all day – and at times you can smell the fires here on the island.  We’ve also been experiencing power fluctuations and surges…

Here are some of my pictures from the camp.  I waited until later in the day when the air seems to clear a bit.

You can see how dry the grass has become.

Just a few days ago…

Here is a photo when this building was finished in February of 2018.  We have been in a drought since them.


Luckily, my arugula has been watered and is thriving.  But with fresh water scarce…most things are yellowing.

The Crown of Thorns are also watered every two days.

A hazy look through the red mangroves back to Cayo Frances Lagoon.

The view just two months ago…

Cayo Frances Channel

And then back to the present.

I replanted one of my Valentine’s Orchids in a lower nook of the same tree.  (The ones above are local orchids)

It looked like this for two months.

I’m hoping this native of Southeast Asia enjoys it here but man are orchids finicky.

The orchids hang in well since they take their water from the air.

The hazy sunset…

Our newest dog Mocha (aka the puppies’ mom) has fallen right in line.

I will say something positive about the dry weather.  I haven’t had a mosquito bite in months.

Some quick pics of some camp food…and then I’ll let you be.  Hope everyone is okay out there.  If the cliche “One Day at a Time” was EVER relevant…the time is now.

Fresh barracuda panades.

Sandwiches with our LAST frozen baguettes from the French Bakery.  Sad but delicious.

And finding that the giant comal is not only great for making tortillas but it’s a homerun for pancakes!

Most accurate weather forecast that I know is here.  Hot and dry weather continues…

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