My Quarantine “Home Base”: A Stone’s Throw From Our Spot on Ambergris Caye

It’s been 51 days since Ambergris Caye, Belize was first ordered into quarantine -when the very first case of CoVid-19 was discovered in San Pedro.

Regulations have been loosening up slowly (and we are now COVID FREE!) but in those 50 days, I have been out-of-range of our house only 3 times – going to town twice for errands during the times when businesses can open and once to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

All other days, I’ve been within a stone’s throw of our house.  (Fear not, I looked it up.  Stone is a possessive noun.)

Stone’s Throw…interesting term.  What IS the World’s Longest Stone’s Throw?  Only 30+ feet.  Apparently a stone (an official throwing stone) has an official weight of 22lbs.  It’s called a Braemar Stone – it’s a  Scottish Highland thing and not quite what I’m trying to convey.

So I looked up the World’s Longest Throw and that was 1401.5 feet in Australia – but a boomerang.  That doesn’t seem quite right either.

I settled in with the Longest Thrown Baseball – over 60 years ago in Omaha.   And settled in there.  445 feet and 10 inches.  With a six-step running start.

500 feet, give or take a hundred, is pretty much my roaming range these days.  More correctly, my dog walking range.

Luckily, it’s a beautiful area – and since I’m not getting out and about much at all, I thought I’d share yesterday’s picture of my range with you.

I live in a tiny subdivision about 7 miles north of San Pedro town – there are 3 other houses built.  And to the north of me is LOVELY Tuto Belize.  To the south, the resort Xtan Ha.

The view from our front deck.

If that happens to be your abandoned truck sitting there…please tow it out of here!

Frannie is always suspicious that I am trying to make her go to the bathroom in the yard.  She hates that.  She’ll hold it for hours and hours so she doesn’t have to suffer that indignity.  The disrespect.

She waits until I’m outside the open gate and then runs to meet me.

Thatch palm – it’s amazing how much palms produce growing in sand with very little water.

The birds LOVE this fruit.

Look at that symmetry!

The walk from “our” easement to the beach.

Down to the south…

Beach at Xtan Ha Resort

The water is GORGEOUS clear.

Swimming Xtan Ha Resort

Let’s go Frannie!  A look to the south…

That little dock that doesn’t quite connect to the beach.

Okay…now to the north and Tuto.

From all the angles…

That’s all I’ve got for now…perhaps I’ll go outside and practice stone-throwing…or perhaps not.

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