Swimming and Open-Air Restaurants Open: Lunch at Ramon’s Village

Belize has been under a State of Emergency due the Covid-19 virus since the end of March/beginning of April.

But last week, new Statutory Instrument was released – effective Friday, May 15th – that called for a slight loosening of regulations for Belize’s current State of Emergency since the country has been COVID-free for over 30 days.

The curfew remains in place, the borders remain closed but there is a bit more freedom to move about the country and get outside.

Social distancing is firmly in place and masks are required.  Belize is taking health VERY SERIOUSLY.

I’m not going to lie…I had no plans to go out.  I’m definitely planning on staying home as much as I can but then…I got an invitation from a friend who was celebrating a special occasion.

A great reason to get out a bit – safely and carefully – after over 55 days mostly inside.

l imagined everyone to be a bit pudgier and a lot paler after these months basically inside (I guess it’s just me…)  but instead, I found families out, everyone of all ages wearing masks and people EXCITED to get into the ocean to cool off.

Beach by San Pedro High School

When you look at the photos of our beachfront, it’s hard to imagine taking this view for granted but sometimes you do!  It’s like when I lived in NYC…Broadway show?  Beautiful museums?  Meh.  They’ll be there when I get around to it.

No one was taking it for granted that day.

I saw signs at one or two dive shops.  And I passed only a handful of restaurants – I wasn’t able to see much while driving…many open-air restaurants face the sea, rather than the road.  But overall, businesses seemed pretty empty.

Very very very few people on this island have much (if any income) right now.  And with the tourism industry being the hardest hit industry in the world?  It’s hard to predict when that will change.  I don’t think there is much money around to pay for diving or restaurant meals.

I hope everyone who is on a fixed-income here, especially the retired ex-pat community that lives down here full-time, is able to spend as much money as they did before this all happened.  Or even a bit more.  It’s not enough to support the entire island but it’s a much-welcomed start…

Another reason I was so pleased to have accepted the lunch invitation from my friend.

To the pictures!

We went to Ramon’s Village – to Pineapple Restaurant.  They have SUCH a friendly staff (wearing Ramon’s branded face masks – I’m sorry!  I forgot to get a picture!) and we were one of two tables.

My Over Night Stay At Ramon’s Village a few years back.  (It was sweet getting picked up in a Hummer-style golf cart)

We walked through the pretty jungled property and by the pool.


The view from my seat.

They have a smaller menu and SUPER great prices as they re-open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  To get the staff slowly back working part-time.

I ordered a cheeseburger with a choice of cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese, or swiss.  Burger with fries was $12bzd.

I can tick that off the list.  Since this all began, planning meals, looking at food on Instagram, and daydreaming about food has become a startlingly large part of my days.  I’ve been focused on a burger and fries and this very much hit the spot.

Other dream foods – a HUGE piece of lasagne and maple sugar-pecan Honey Bunches of Oat.

But it was the “new view” and the ocean breeze and just getting out that made this so perfect.  Ramon’s Dock is something special.

dock at Ramon's Village

Just a beautiful view no matter which way you look.

I’m going to try to never take it for granted again.

I hope everyone is doing well…and enjoying the varying degrees of “reopening” safely!

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