A Dreamy Sunday Stop at Mata Chica Resort

Mata Chica is a DREAMY resort about 5 miles north on Ambergris Caye.  A long stretch of beautiful beach dotted with fruit colored (and fruit named) cabanas and what I think is the prettiest dock on the island.

Dock at mata Chica Resort

Just last weekend, Mata Chica re-opened for the first time since the Pandemic and State of Emergency in Belize (end of March).  They are now offering local discounts and deals for overnight stays on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday.  OR…day passes.  Where the price of admission allows you to use the pool and the dock, the water sports equipment.  The restaurant is open with local prices and drinks are 25% as part of the special.  You can find more information by contacting them directly.

Sign at Mata Chica

But I stopped by to take pictures – I hope to spend the day there this month but it was SUCH a perfect Sunday – the sea was calm and the sky 101 colors of blue.  I jumped in my cart and here are the photos I took.

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I was totally and completely mesmerized by the dock – I’ve always wanted to lounge in one of these pods with a book for an afternoon.  (The Instagram world is going NUTS about this one right now…I might have to splurge on it just for this!)

To the pictures – somewhat repetitive but can you GET ENOUGH OF THIS DOCK!?

Dock At Mata Chica

Beach at Mata Chica

Beach loungers at Mata Chica

Seats Mata Chica

Swimming Mata Chica

White Beach Mata Chica

Coconut Trees Mata Chica

There’s also a super pretty pool but I snapped just one quick shot because it was being used.

Pool at Mata Chica

Clearly CLEARLY  I’ll have to go back.

I probably missed the dock from a few angles 😉

Read about their sister property Gaia Resort that I loved just a few weeks ago.  Imagine that honeymoon?  Half your trip at Gaia…ATM Cave, Caracol, swimming in waterfalls?  And the other half here?

Le sigh…


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