Photos in Sleepy San Pedro Town with Belize Borders Still Closed

Almost a month ago, some of Belize’s Pandemic State of Emergency restrictions eased and while the borders and the International Airport remain closed, the internal economy has re-opened.

Yesterday, June 11th, we saw further easing to allow spas and gyms to re-open, larger gatherings (up to 100) and the curfew was again eased though not removed completely.  Daycare centers, bars and nightclubs will remain closed.  (Newest press release at the bottom of this post from the GOB’s Press Office)

I decided to head to town to take some photos on what was turning out to be a HOT GORGEOUS day.  Internal economy and domestic tourism are the economic focus for the country right now.  But Ambergris Caye’s economy is almost solely driven by international tourism.

Things are very slow…many businesses are closed…I noticed a few new “FOR SALE” signs going up.  As we head into what promises to be the SLOWEST slow-season of our lives – even if the airport opens this summer – I am a bit worried about how many businesses will close this year.

If you are looking for a way you can help even though you can’t visit yet – please consider helping our San Pedro Tourist Guide Association.  I did the copy for this page – and they are hoping to provide the very basics in food to some of the most at-risk guides over the summer.  I know that a donation of any size is very very much appreciated.

Ok…let’s get to the pictures.

Bridge in San Pedro View

The road along the beach in Boca Del Rio has re-opened since the flooding earlier in the week – and the remnants/outer fringes of Tropical Depression Cristobal.

A beautiful Travelers Palm – which is actually a flower!

Travelers Palm

Hurricane's Ceviche Bar

Boca Del Rio Drive

Losers Bar

Wayo’s Bar seems to have a new owner!  I…need to get more information on this.  What is Wayo’s without Wayo?  UPDATE:  Wayo’s Bar is relocating!  This location is going to open as a new bar…

Wayo's Bar New Owners

Boca Del Rio

Similar view earlier in the week…

Back to BEAUTIFUL yesterday.

Chucks and Robbie's Dive Shop

And now into town…

I haven’t taken a walk on the beach in downtown San Pedro in AGES!

The Tacklebox dock – and the old Tacklebox Bar.  My first job on the island was manager – from December 2007 to mid…2011?  It seems like another lifetime (thank goodness)

Tacklebox Dock 2020

I just found this picture from 2009.  The docks have REALLY grown!

Sprindrift Dock

Central Prk

I cut through and stopped to buy some mangos from a lovely gentleman.

Mangos in San Pedro

And some photos on Front Street.  If you want to look to the positive?  It’s quite easy to find parking spaces.

Front Street San Pedro

Less traffic makes it much easier to take pictures.  I had a good day…I need to get out more!





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