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Secret Beach, Ambergris Caye. Monday. Borders Closed.

Secret Beach is the most tourist-ed spot on Ambergris Caye.  Endless blue clear water.  And at the right time of the year, rows and rows of chairs filled with visitors to our island.  Jet skis, tubes shaped like flamingos and champagne flutes, pina coladas served in whole pineapples, loud music…people, people, people.

But things have changed dramatically in the last three months.  I don’t need to tell YOU that.

Skull Chair Secret Beach

Here’s my complete guide to Secret Beach from last year

So I thought I’d head over and take some pictures of Secret Beach on a Monday during a State of Emergency due to a Global Pandemic.  Definitely a first 🙂

Here’s a cut out from Google Earth so you can see the layout of this area – the only road to the west side of the island.   A grid of roads – land that was sold/is being sold – as a housing development.  Grand Belizean Estates was the original plan.

But more recently, a road has been forged through the bush and lagoon – a SERIOUS project – heading south back towards San Pedro town.  In fact, if you are interested…you can track it on Google Earth – it gets you right across the lagoon from town.  We followed it for a bit….

But more on that later.

The road west…getting more and more pitted with pot holes for sure.

Road to Secret Beach

The road isn’t the only thing pitted…someone has been holding target practice on the road side signs.

Love this sign above – but the business is boarded up now.

We headed a bit north – the road behind the beach has been extended a bit…

Welcome To Secret Beach

Another large sign…hard to get a good angle on this one.  Not sure who put it up.

There are now some new construction projects going on north of this lot.  Between the last bar north and the beautiful Casa Nova Cabanas.  (That used to seem far away from it all…)

There is this one…looks like a hotel in the making?

Construction at Secret Beach

And the next lot – this.

The road has been extended north – we drove another 1/4 mile and saw a lonely looking guy on an unmoving bulldozer.

Time to head back south!

All businesses that we passed so far were closed.  The owner of Blue Bayou said they would be open for the weekend.  Thursday through Sunday.

We stopped into Sunset Palace Secret Beach – the newest and largest addition to the beach club strip.  They were open!  But no one had arrived yet.  It was only about 11am.

Sunset Palace Secret Beach
Sunset Palace

The water was looking…gorgeous.

We headed south again…on the new road.

Warning – this road gets pretty rocky.  We ended up driving about 1 mile and seeing COUNTLESS survey pegs and lines (you can even see them from Google Earth).  Somebody is doing A TON of work back here.

Some deep dark holes in the limestone – we dared each other to jump in.

Mostly we just gaped at the amount of work – and this amount of land – and with wonder…what is going to be happening out here?  Cheap lots for sale?  Mega project?  Who knows…probably both.

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