Stormy Weather in San Pedro: Local Flooding from this Central American Gyre

Last Friday I read about a storm system that was forming around and over us called the Central American Gyre.

Defined here:  “The Central American Gyre is an area of counterclockwise (cyclonic) rotation around a broad area of low pressure, and can develop over Central America during the rainy season. Essentially, it is a bunch of mini disturbances rotating around the area of lower pressure.”

Heavy rains and winds were expected – and the possibility of a Tropical Depression or Storm spinning out of the gyre.  JUST WHAT WE NEED!  Ugh…

First Tropical Storm Amanda popped up on the Pacific side and caused massive flooding and a number of deaths in El Salvador.

Now, Guatamala and the Yucatan are seeing heavy rains and winds forecasted Tropical Storm Cristobal crawls northward and then over the water towards Louisiana.

You can view his path here on the Navy Hurricane site or Wunderground.

Belize has seeing some rising rivers, some regional flooding but has stayed thankfully away from any real storm development.  But last night, winds up to 35mph and a PARTICULARLY high tide caused some flooding, lots of beach erosion and even the dock next door to us at Xtan Ha Resort to see damage.

High Tide was estimated at 7:48am – and with the winds coming hard and the waves coming over the reef, HUGE…the water rose.

WindFinder is best for wind and wave height.  By far the best weather prediction service I know here.

Instead of pretending I know about meterology, I will show you photos.  We headed to town at about 9:30am – the tide was receding on the east (windward) side of the island but still rising on the lagoon side.  Here is what we saw.

Just north of the bridge.

Water came up over the basketball court in Boca Del Rio.

The beach road in Boca Del Rio is closed to traffic – waves were still washing up over the road…

By the high school…reaching the wall…

In town so much of the beach was eroded…

The beach at Fido’s.

Let’s head to the back side – and check on Jeff’s boat.  The water must have risen a foot and was still rising…

I can’t come to town without pork tacos at Neri’s and cold cold banana juice!  It’s been over TWO MONTHS WITHOUT NERI’S TACOS!!!!!!!!!

They tasted sooo…good.

Just down the way is Panny’s House.  Now almost an island.  His brother motioned to me.  Swim over and say hi!

Just a picture will do for now.

We ran a few errands and headed back home.

Just next door is Xtan Ha Resort and they have a VERY low lying dock.  One that they rebuilt after 2016’s Hurricane Earl.

The water came up higher than it’s come in the last 3 years.

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