Yoga Quietly Starts at Ak’Bol Resort on A Sleepy Sunday

Yesterday, on a quiet and Saharan-dusty Sunday morning (it’s not often I get to use an adjective like Saharan-dusty!) – Ak’Bol Yoga Resort started teaching yoga again…

(For the current status of the Saharan Dust plume – hello Miami! -, click here.)

After 3 months of general inertia – it felt SO good to go to Yin Yoga (the most gentle, no pressure type for “never-have-and-never-will-touch-your-toes” participants like me) to do a bit of stretching and enjoy a change of scenery.

Ak’Bol’s gorgeous dock is just the place.

Note:  Ak’Bol is open for yoga only – 2 days a week.  The restaurant and resort have not re-opened yet.  Yin Yoga, 9 am Sundays and Yang Yoga, 8 am, Wednesdays

Here are my pictures.  It was just three of us – and Kirsten is so good about adjusting for me, flexible as a two by four, and my “real yoga” co-yogi.  Social distancing, sanitizing wipes, and wide outdoor spaces…

Namaste y’all.  Let’s hope for a great week.

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