A Beautiful San Pedro Day and Chicken Boat Dreams

Generally, I dislike a vague title like this…one that is confusing…means very little to you when you read it.  The nice day part, yes…but Chicken boat dreams?

But life is small right now…for many of us, confusing.  Limited trips to town still (more because we are low on funds but also because it seems safest now).  Still quite a bit of staying home…and lots of reading and podcasts.    (For ALL the details on my books, podcast and even Netflixing – see Finding Joy In Quarantine)

So I’m living day by day…or trying to.  Questions with few answers.  Should we book guests in December?  Ummm…tentatively.  Can I start my Caye Caulker book soon?  Will I need to update my Ambergris Caye book at the end of the year because businesses are closed?  I don’t know.  I can hardly believe it’s July.

So for now…a pretty day and a possible ride on the Quality Poultry boat to Belize City?  These things make me happy.  Here are my photos.

The Bridge San Pedro

And the playground you can see at the very edge of the picture above…in Boca Del Rio park.

Driving along the beach in Boca del Rio…my favorite road.

Boca Del Rio Beach Road

The railing on this house!

Cute house boca Del Rio

And the beach/road at San Pedro High School.

My list of errands yesterday included buying mangos (CAN’T GET ENOUGH)…going to the post office…the vet’s office…to my supermarket and then to Quality Poultry to buy chicken.

They have a few stores in the town center (2 I think) but I like stopped in their main San Pedro hub – plenty of parking and a cool view of the San Pedro lagoon.

I found that THE CHICKEN BOAT WAS IN!  And the captain was more than happy to answer my silly chicken questions.

Let me back up.  Quality Poultry has always been the main purveyor of chicken on Ambergris Caye.  Now I know that you Caribbean island and you think that everyone must be eating lots of fresh fish but Ambergris Caye…in fact all of Belize…is a HUGE CHICKEN country.  I could easily estimate that 75% of San Pedranos eat chicken at least once a day.

Apparently the average American eats almost 100lbs of chicken per year!  Up since 28lbs in 1960.

One of the richest and notoriously heavy eating countries in the world.  But Belizeans EAT MORE CHICKEN!  110lbs of chicken according to this site.   Crazy!  

I know I eat chicken 20xmore than I did in the US – and I eat it for lunch all the time…

Photos on the way to Quality Poultry.

The Quality Poultry chicken boat.  It’s actually a boat that has been made into a giant cooler!  And every day during the busy season, they head from their Belize City office to San Pedro stuffed with chicken and groceries.  During the busiest times…they carry up to 12,000lbs of chicken at day

TWELVE THOUSAND POUNDS!!!!!!!!!  (And they are one of two big poultry dealers on the island)

3-200HP Yamaha engines pushing the chicken boat.

AND…GET THIS!!!!!!!!  The captain said that he would be happy to give me a ride to Belize City one day!  I’ve been watching this boat for years – heading to town and under the bridge.  Strange but true, I’ve always wanted to ride this boat into the river in Belize City.

I’ve loved their logo for a long time.  I actually found 4 of these towels at a tag sale in Hopkins once…and I love them to this day.

Dis da fi wi chicken!  This is the chicken for us!!


See?  I told you my world was a bit small right now 🙂


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