Delicious Lunch At Blue Water Grill and Nerding Out…Philatelically

The last day or two have been a bit grey…rains for the first time in weeks but also a teeny weeny bit of relief from a hot hot sun.

Lunch at Blue Water Grill

A perfect time to visit our friends at Blue Water Grill – and have a nice and socially distanced lunch in town.

The sun is back today…in fact, you can check it out on Blue Water Grill’s LIVECAM here.  A livecam view at the restaurant, at the BEAUTIFUL Phoenix Resort and out west in the hills of Cayo, Belize.  See here!


Dock at Blue Water Grill

Many restaurants – especially those who rely on tourism for a bulk of their customers – are closed right now.

Blue Water Grill has stayed open – starting with lunch deliveries and then opening their open beachfront patio for those eating in.  To try to help out some of their employees and to use their facilities for a community feeding program that makes hot meals for those in need.

The owners admit – it hasn’t always been easy.  There have been a few evenings without a customer in sight.

We stopped by at noon and based on the plethora of parking spots outside, I was expecting that we might dine alone.

But by the time we left, four or five tables were full…and a few deliveries and pickups had gone out.

Inside, there is a sanitizing station…tables and chairs have been removed and distanced.  The barstools removed.  A mask is required.  As it is in the entire country.

Even the famous sign is setting a great example.

And our waiter Keon.  So cute.

He brought our menu over…you can also view it online.

I’ve been craving a burger for a while…and FRENCH FRIES!  Jeff got the delicious salmon salad that we love…and we shared.

I love these dark chocolate mint sticks at the end of the meal.

Blue Water Grill had work to do later that afternoon!  They were preparing and delivering almost 200 meals.  Here’s the picture from the helpers last week…

For all the information about what they are doing, check out their Facebook page or check out the Community page on the website! It’s some really good stuff at a really trying time.

We headed back to our lonely cart.  The RC school closed for the summer.

RC School

There is a new wall separating the school and this busy street.

And where fun signs for events used to hang…now sanitizer advertisement.  The island’s biggest festival – Costa Maya – would usually be this weekend coming up!  Normally…there’d be beauty queens spotted all over town and lots of pictures!

2018 and my friend Jamie posing with the ladies at Belize Chocolate Company.  Can you spot her?

Belize Bird Stamps

Philately is the study of postage stamps and postal history. It also refers to the collection, appreciation and research activities on stamps and other philatelic products. Philately involves more than just stamp collecting or the study of postage; it is possible to be a philatelist without owning any stamps.

I like it.  I like the sound of it (here’s how to pronounce Philatelist) – I’ve always enjoyed a good stamp.  And I love a title – one that would look really good on a business card – that you can obtain without actually owning anything.  I am TOTALLY a philatelist.

To be honest though?  I had never heard of such a thing until I saw this sign in Belize City a few years ago.

A BUREAU!  Things just keep getting better and better…more and more official!

My (pretend) hobby became super exciting yesterday when I learned that there was a new collection of stamps released in Belize.  From 2 cent stamps to a $10bzd beauty featuring the birds of Belize.

We stopped into the post office to check them out because…that’s what philatelists do.  (That should be capitalized, right?)

Here’s the most exciting fact!  Two new values have been added to the line; a 40¢ and a $1.50 stamp. These new values are meant to facilitate customers mailing postcards to Europe!

Ok…exciting is a strong word.

Now you can buy them individually but the post office suggested that they would most likely be putting out these collector envelopes…

First-day issue commemorative collector’s item.

For some reason 2004 was a big year for the Central American Wooly Possum.

Hurricane Isias and the Bahamas

I know I lost ALL of you talking about stamps but..just sending out some good vibes to the Bahamas and all the islands in now Hurricane Isias’ path.

Florida and the entire East Coast of the US need to be watching this one.

This map is the current update (July 31st am) from the Navy’s hurricane information center.

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