Friday Photos Around San Pedro Town

Yesterday I headed to San Pedro town for errands.  Just the usual…groceries, the pharmacy (Benadryl, our dog Elsie is very allergic to the bite of Doctor Flies that are buzzing around the north part of the island right now), get some gas and photos.  Here are a bunch I took in town.

Izzy's Juice San Pedro

My first stop was to buy some new masks.  The temperature here is HOT.  Hot and humid.  I;ve been known to call these hot summer day “2 shirt days” because I would need a change of clothing by about mid-day.  the same is true for masks.  It’s nice to have an extra on hand when your original starts to show sweat spots.

This pacas (used clothing store) has a nice selection and they are $4bzd.  (It’s in the Boca Del Rio area – on the main road on the east side of the street).

Pacas San Pedro

I went to check in on Jeff’s boat that is parked in town.  He often asks me to do this though I have no idea what I’m looking for.  Still there?  Check!

Joker's Dock

A quick golf cart selfie.

A photo of Bombita laying in the sun.  Bombita is the father of at least some of Mocha’s dozen (the puppies we fostered for about a month before adopting them all over the island and keeping the mother!)

For photos of Mocha and the pups

Bombita and Mocha have both been fixed – NEVER AGAIN!

Bombita on the dock

A new sign at Hillyboo’s dock.

Hillyboo Dock

A stop into “my pharmacy” – which also sells panties and bras.

I stopped into the San Pedro Tour Guide office – they are handing out small bags of foods to their tour guides in need on Fridays.  Yesterday, they gave out over 170 bags.  The number keeps rising…

San Pedro Tour Guide Office

We’ve been working to raise money for these basic food donations and while it seems like a big number – over $35,000 raised – THANK YOU ALL! – this is a big program.  And this “slow season” (normally from August to November) is going to be the hardest in recent history.

If you are able, please give!  (I wrote more about it for the site – take a look)

And wear your mask!

Fruit Stand Town

Thunder started to rumble in the distance…

I stopped at Aba Isieni Restaurant to get two huge plates of fried chicken, rice and beans and a small salad for $8bzd a plate.

Aba Isieni

There are two tiny lovely women who work HARD in the kitchen – I need to squat to the floor to order in the window.  It’s part of the fun 🙂

Time to head home…

Over the bridge…along the bridge some gorgeous lilies where freshwater pools after a rain.

Someone I know hailed me on a golf cart – he had coconut pies and these items for sale.   Sugary…crispy and flaky?  Yes please.

Mmmmm…hojaldras.  O HAL DRAS.

Like pie crust with a layer of crisp sugar on top.  Exactly what I needed when I got home – these and a cold cold shower.





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