I Love Ambergris Caye When She’s SO Green

A few days ago, we drove way up north on Ambergris Caye and while my sea view was marred a bit by the recent sargassum (seaweed) influx – the other side of the road…the trees and flowers and vines…the forest looked GORGEOUS.

I LOVE how spider lilies grow wild along the beach.

Littoral Forest Ambergris Caye

Heavy rains at the beginning of June (see the flooding here) ended the dry dry season and…triggered spring!

I love it when everything is so green and the flowers blooming.  Some of the most magnificent are the flamboyant trees – so perfectly named.  I spotted 2 gorgeous ones a few days back as we drove by a private home just south of me.  So I emailed the owners of Casa Rana, beautiful rental home near me, to ask if I could stop by and take a few pictures.

I mean LOOK!

Flamboyant Trees Casa Rana

Heading south from our house, I cut through the resort next to me – Xtan Ha Resort.

They have 4 AMAZING Travelers Palm trees.

They are actually giant flowers and not trees.  So beautiful.

And then down to the beach in an adjoining lot.

And then the sargasso…hopefully clearing out soon!

Walking along the beach I saw NO human foot prints (things are quiet up here!).  I only saw…

Hermit crab prints.

Hermit Crab Prints

And then lots and lots of raccoon prints.

Racoon Prints

And then Casa Rana (House of the Frog!)

I noticed the stone frogs by the VERY inviting looking pool immediately.

The gardens look beautiful – and I ended up taking home cuttings and seeds.  4 BIG Frangipani cuttings that are now planted in our yard.

3 pink and 1 white.  I was promised that you need to do NOTHING to them – and they will flourish.

Seeds for Christmas Palms (dwarf Royal Palms), for the yellow Flamboyant Tree and for purple Trumpet Flowers

Ok…to the flamboyance!


I’ll let you know how the seeds and cuttings go.  These gorgeous trees – the yellow and the orange – were grown from seeds.  Planted about 10 years ago.

I’m heading out to the Truck Stop later today – it is the LAST day before they close for a few months.  Maybe I’ll see you there – if not, I’ll definitely be taking lots of pictures.


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