End of Third Week of Total Island Lock-Down #2 on Ambergris Caye

I wish I had better or more exciting news but…we are plodding along here on Ambergris Caye.  That “we” is mostly just me…and Jeff…and the dogs.  We have been doing our best to abide by the rules set down by the Government of Belize.  Only head to town for essentials during non-curfew hours.  But stay at home as much as possible.

Our COVID positive numbers are still rising…but it isn’t only this island.  Cases and unfortunately deaths have been moving up.

Here is the change over this last week/6 days.

There have been 7 deaths in less than a week.

We have had no big official national announcements during this time – no mention of a re-opening or if the restrictions will continue when this State of Emergency ends officially on September 4th.

Update:  We JUST got this so I will update you all on the news later this afternoon or you can watch it live.

Here are my “plodding pictures” taken yesterday.  Our outings each day are for dog walking – essential.   So we don’t stray far from the house.

One the grasping-for-anything-that-might-be-positive front…this!

Double Yolk Egg For the second time in my 12 years in Belize, I got an entire dozen eggs that are all DOUBLE.  I’ll try to get to the bottom of how this happens today by contacting the farm/company.

Okay…to the pictures of our quarantine bubble.

Still my obsession – finding seabeans (drift seeds).  Here’s either a Tropical or Jamaican walnut.

Our neighbor’s beach and cabanas at Tuto Belize.

And a bit farther up…so beautiful when everything is green and the spider lilies are all blooming.

Coco, one of Mocha’s dozen puppies, lives at Tuto.  I would love to show you a still shot of her but…she does not stay still.  At all.  Frenzied might be a good word for her demeanor.

It might just be seeing her dear old Ma.

They were born on Leap Day so…they are almost 6 months old!  Coco = Miss White (from when we had them all color coded!)

She was THE RUNT!

Swimming with Mom.

My bundle of latex still on the beach.  2 more have been reported since my post about this.  AND…they have been spotted in Palm Beach – and featured in the local paper.

Palm Beach Post;  What Are These Things the Ocean’s Been Dumping on the Beach?

This crazy fish head – I was sure it was reptilian by my friend Jody ID’ed it on Instagram for me.

Ocean Triggerfish.  (You can watch this video of a guy cleaning it here for ceviche — I need to go back for the TEETH.  Something to do today…)

Skin as tough as leather.

Stuff That Washes Up On The Beach of Ambergris Caye

It’s another warm hazy day here on the island.  Make sure to keep an eye on the NHC website.  There are some things swirling out there -FAR AWAY but ’tis the season….

Still thinking about Laura and…god.  What something like that could do to this island and this country.  Terrifying.

Oh…one last thing.  If you want something super easy and DELICIOUS…I tried this focaccia recipe yesterday.  (I also added 1 cup of my Sour Dough starter – her name is Beverly.)

And stuck in some herbs and veggie and feta and GOOD GRIEF.  Delicious.

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