Belize Under Hurricane Warning: San Pedro Prepares as Tropical Storm Nana Points Towards Southern Belize

Belizeans “no play” when it comes to Hurricane season.  You only need to be on the island for one good hurricane scare to know that it is not the time to party…or even a time to joke…people in Belize take these deadly storms dead seriously.

This morning, the San Pedro Town Council raised the Double Flags to let us know that we, the entire country of Belize, are under Hurricane Warning.

I believe the last time we saw the double flags go up in San Pedro, it was for Hurricane Earl.  2016 – it hit just a few miles south of Belize City as a Category One storm…and caused lots of damage to the country’s northern shore.

Here are pictures around San Pedro and the country.   Here are pictures of our neighborhood.  And it wasn’t just the coast. I got stuck inland – in San Ignacio, Belize – and the river rose up SERIOUSLY.

Here is Nana on the Navy Storm Tracker.

This morning, as the storm seems to move towards more Southern Belize – and more specifically, the Hopkins and Dangriga area – I took a trip into town to see how San Pedranos were prepping.  (It may LOOK like it will steer away from us but few are taking it for granted.)

The last update – for 2pm EST September 2nd, no longer has Nana gaining much strength but hitting Belize as a strong Tropical Storm rather than a hurricane.

I also stopped for a Snickers and a pizza from Beach Basket Market.  There is just something about an impending storm that makes me crave junk food.

It’s another plus of wearing a mask…no one will know if you are chawing on a Snickers while you are driving along in your cart.

A few spots are taking the covers (roofs) off the golf carts.  Here’s the fleet for Grand Caribe Resort….topless.

A few places were boarding up at Reef Village/Mara Laguna.  I’d say 1 in 10 condos.

Town was bustling.  People in shops, in and out of the hardware stores…plywood deliveries getting ready.

My usual supermarket (Caye Mart) was PACKED.  They are helping assemble government food packages for people and the large store is LOADED with 100lb sacks of flour, sugar, beans…cases of bleach and soaps and shortening.

The most preparation is along the beach – the area most prone to these storms,  Surge, erosion, wind…many were preparing.

Taking every other board out of the docks so that if the water rises…it has somewhere to go.


The Mayan Princess shuttering up just a few of the condos.

This dive shop/tour company emptying all of their electronics and valuables from their office on a dock.

Caye Casa shutting the windows and doors.

The Sandbar playing it safe.

And we did too.  If you have the shutters, it would be silly not to use them.

BE SAFE EVERYONE!  And I’ll report back.

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