Get a Great Cookbook or A Cool T-Shirt: Support San Pedro

While Belize’s International Airport is set to open on October 1st, the country is not just throwing the doors wide open yet.

October 1st will start Phase 3 of the country’s re-opening and there will be limits and regulations in place.  Belize, in what is usually one of the slowest months for tourism of the year, is taking a measured approach.  Tourists must arrive with COVID test results and must travel within a limited tourist corridor.

International flights will be limited for the first month – arriving only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

American Airlines:  One flight a Day, Miami to Belize, Thursdays – Sundays

United Airlines:  One flight a Day, Houston to Belize, Friday, Saturday and Sundays

Things are going to be rough here, very rough, for the next few months…and probably longer.  It’s a very tough time to be a tour guide or a resort bartender or maintenance man or cleaning person or just about anything on Ambergris Caye.

So… I wanted to re-iterate these places that are selling really cool things that any Belize lover would enjoy – and help those going through Belize-withdrawal.  Plus, they are very cool gifts and Christmas is only 103 days away.  (Sorry…that was unnecessary 🙂 )

The first one is the Ambergris Caye COVID cookbook – where proceeds are now benefiting Hope Haven and their efforts on the island.  (Click here to see the options – hardcover, softcover, e-book…)

I originally wrote about the book back in May when it was first published…and since then, over $20,000bzd have been donated to the island.  First to Maresha’s Lunch Program (after she served over 15,000 hot lunches on the island!) and now to Hope Haven.

(If you would like to donate to Hope Haven directly)

When I have friends or family visit me here in San Pedro, the #1 thing they rave about is the FOOD.  Fry jacks, ceviche, rice & beans with potato salad and stew chicken…

As my brother put it – “we have never had a meal in San Pedro that wasn’t delicious”.

I couldn’t agree more.  NOW…you can try making some of these items at home.  I mean seriously…how impressed is your family going to be when you serve stew chicken with coconut rice tonight?

And then these SUPER cute shirts from Caribbean Citrus Co. – a business I knew nothing about until I saw this shirt…and LOVED it.  It so perfectly expresses how people are feeling these days…

The owner of the company offered to Give Away T-shirts to my readers (2 lucky winners got them a few months back) – and also kindly offered to give a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the Belize shirts.

Now…he’s designed and added two more super cute Belize shirts and will be doing the same thing.  Donating a portion of the sales to Hope Haven.   They’ve donated over $400bzd so far – again, first to Maresha’s Program and going forward, Hope Haven.

This is my new favorite shirt.  (You can see them all here on the site.)

And the classic…

There you go.  I just wanted to update on both things.  Now I’m headed back down to the beach.  Because while it is HOT and still.  Low 90s?  The ocean is flat and the water is low and it is an EPIC day for beach combing and SEA BEANS!

Who needs another coffee can full of these floating seeds?  ME ME ME!

After about 5 minutes…My favorite, the starnut palm (it’s shaped like a comet) and a bunch of “hamburger beans” or mucuna.

And then the West Indian Locust – or the Stinkin Toe fruit.

One day, my dremel and I will make great art from these things.  Or I will lose a finger.  One day…

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