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Hot and Still…A Walk & Sea-Beaning on North Ambergris Caye

September stays true to form on Ambergris Caye.  HOT and extremely humid and still.

Dock At Costa Blue

The kind of day that I’ve sure the 1977 classic reggae song “96 Degrees in the Shade” was written about.

Frances and I headed out for a walk – to our south…the small dock just south of Xtan Ha Resort.

It’s a ridiculously great time to collect my seabeans.  The seeds that float down the rivers of the world into the sea and then…onto shores all over the world.  These are sea hearts and…sea hamburgers.  Or locally called deer eye.

Almost every Belizean I know has told me the story about rubbing these smaller one on cement as a child and “burning” your friends’ arms.  Universal childs’ play. 🙂   We just used the “Indian sunburn”…

(I found TONS of alternative terms for it…apparently it is practiced worldwide, here’s just a bit – you can click here for more – “Known primarily as a “Chinese burn” or a “snake bite” in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, “donkey bite” in South Africa, “buffalo skin” in India, “snake bite”, “Chinese Sunburn” or “Indian rub” in Canada, and “Indian burn”, “Indian sunburn” or “Indian rug burn” in New Zealand and the United States (except in some midwest states such as Wisconsin and Illinois where it is known as a snakebite), “Indian burn” or “les orties” in France, “policeman’s glove” or “hundred needles” in Hungary, “barbed wire” in the Netherlands…”

You can read more about Stuff You Find on the Beach on Ambergris Caye here.

Let’s keep moving.

BEAUTIFUL tall coconut trees.

At the next house, Frannie met a friend…

Who was followed by 2 more bigger “friends”…we hightailed it out of there.

We made it down to Costa Blu Resort.  MAN was it hot.

We were moving slow…even Fran was starting to rest under every available spot of shade.

We settled under a tree and feeling a bit desperate…I phoned home.  Asking for a pick-up.  Using Frances as a bit of an excuse.  I mean…we couldn’t walk past those aggressive dogs again!

Under one of the few old pine trees on the beach.  And thankfully soon…help was on his way.

We cut thru Costa Blu and met Jeff in the parking lot.  PHEW.

We live to blog another day 😉

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