A Gorgeous Low Tide in Boca Del Rio, San Pedro

The Boca Del Rio stretch of beach is sandwiched between San Pedro town and the “river” or the cut in the land where the ocean flows thru to the San Pedro lagoon.  If you’ve been to Ambergris Caye, you’ve almost certainly driven over that bridge.

This stretch of beach is my favorite.  I love that you can drive along it, I love that the San Pedro High School is located here (one of the most enviable school locations in the world!)….I love to walk along it and take pictures.

And since I had a few minutes before I met Jeff in town yesterday – I did just that.  From north to south…and took pictures.

Starting at Boca Del Rio park.


Boca Del Rio Park

A pretty rain burst over the reef.

A swing in a massive gorgeous sea grape tree.

And then Hurricane’s Bar which now has a new name – the property has been rented to someone who calls it Waves at Caye Breeze.  Lots of beach toys and hammocks out.

I think I took a photo of it and videos of it from each and every angle.

It was just looking so pretty out there!

Rain cloud following me.

The bar formerly known as Wayo’s…now the Ugly Duck.

And down to Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop.

Happy Happy Halloween all.  It’s kinda…well…it’s a dud.  But the same can be said for this whole year – if we were to generalize.  San Pedro is very much missing the BIG Halloween parties that this town loves so much.  Here are some links to ones I’ve covered in the past…meaning I asked a friend to take pictures because there was no way in HELL I was staying up until 3am.  🙂

Maybe next year.

Halloween Parties from 2015:  Part One and Part Two

And don’t forget the pets.  SAGA’s Party will be SOOO missed!  Take a look at this one!


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