Did You Know: A Rooftop Swimming Pool RIGHT in the Middle of Downtown San Pedro?

It’s hard to believe that I moved to Ambergris Caye over 13 years ago.  13 years – living in 3 different spots on the island.  First, renting a small one-bedroom condo at the Belize Yacht Club (now the Isla Bonita Yacht Club) just south of San Pedro town.  Looking for more room, I rented again.  At Royal Palms farther south – just over a mile south of town.  Quiet…with a beautiful pool…I walked or taxied to town just about every single day.

And while I liked my second condo and the neighborhood, I always DREAMED of living in the middle of town.

I wouldn’t miss a thing plus the beach is RIGHT there.  I wouldn’t need a money-pit-with-wheels…I mean a golf cart…I’d probably just rent one once or twice a month if I needed to head to the hinterlands.  Easy.  They’d even drop it off at my place.

I might look out my window and see the hundreds of uniformed kids heading to school en masse.  Or catch the end of a parade of (I’m ALWAYS missing parades in town!)  Or to wake up to view a fireworks display in my PJs (fireworks are always at midnight or later in San Pedro!)

I could pop downstairs for a fresh johnny cake just when they are ready (rather than getting there after they’ve just sold out at 930am) or to buy a fresh latte at my favorite coffee spot.

I could go out for sushi in late evening and not fret about driving home in the dark.  I’m totally missing sunset pick-up basketball games on Back A Back Street (for photos not playing!), street vendors selling snacks, running downstairs for some cheesy pupusas just off the flat top, live music at a local bar, the Christmas tree lighting, gossiping with neighbors about local politics on the stoop…Izzy's JuicesA Walk Down BEAUTIFUL Front Street, Part One And Part Two

San Pedro is a tourist destination for sure but it is a bustling vibrant I’m-in-love-with-it community.  And sometimes…I feel like I’m missing a bunch.

24 Small Things I LOVE About Living in Belize

Now that I live in a house, I love it but there IS the fact that it’s 7 miles north (about 25-minute golf cart ride).  You may have noticed that I’ve mentioned (numerous times) that if I could afford it?  How I’d love a pied-a-terre…

Pied-a-terre: A pied-à-terre (French for “foot on the ground”) is a small living unit, e.g., apartment or condominium, usually located in a city some distance away from an individual’s primary residence (I’m still working on the pronunciation)

Wait…I thought this blog was about a pool in town?  

It is!  I was looking through pictures on my new sponsor’s website and…WHAT?!  There is a pool in the middle of town?  Not only all the conveniences and experiences of living in town but you can sit in a pool and admire the panoramic view?

I asked to take a look.  There are condos for sale – and, if you are looking, a few for rent.  Here’s what I saw…

And it’ll keep me dreaming of living in town.  One day.

If you have walked up Middle Street, you have probably seen the large darker yellow building with the balconies that houses a gift shop, some political offices, and our post office.   Just a few spots down from Elvi’s Kitchen.

This first photo is 2012…just as the post office was moving in.  And the next photo is last week.

2012 Post Office San Pedro

Street View Paz Apartments

Three-stories built about 10 years ago (when the island only went up 3 stories) – a building I’ve visited many times…for the post office and for the LOVELY cake ladies that set up shop each day in front of the building…

Sorry…I always take a picture of the cake rather than the ladies.  (You can tell where my priorities lie.)

But I’d never been upstairs.   Here are some of the pictures that I took of Paz Sisters Plaza.

I saw a lovely 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom condo at the back of the building.  Roomy….quiet, clean, spare but modern…and cool on a very hot day.  IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN!

But it was the rooftop that really got me.  This spot…for parties?  Or just cooling off on a hot day?  YES!

Here’s the view from the HUGE roof area.

There’s the reef.  And the town…and the San Pedro lagoon…

And the pool…

Pool Middle Street

It is now a dream of mine to watch the September celebrations parades from this very spot.  In a towel and bathing suit.

Wish me luck with that.

For more information and photos of this spot and INSIDE the condos, click here to Dawn’s site.

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