Crystal Clear Waters – The “October Calms” on Ambergris Caye

For the past few days, the ocean has been flat as a pancake and crystal clear.  Or….as this reader and long-time Ambergris Caye resident called it “The October Calms”.

I posted a short video yesterday – in which I could practically reach out and grab a school of mullet swimming just offshore and he wrote:

“Back in the day the ‘October calms’ was my treasure hunting weather. One year I drove to Robles and back 30 days in a 13 ft whaler. A 900 mile month trip! Miss the days when you could do what you wanted to do without governmental interference! That was the real Belize!”

Intriguing…adventurous…probably illegal!   What a blog that would make!  But, alas, it was a long time ago.

The time of year when the sea is WARM and the winds in the western Caribbean are shifting – sometimes barely blowing at all or coming from the north and west…leaving the ocean flat and clear clear.

It’s the counterpart to the weeks of HIGH WIND in the spring – the “Easter WInds”.  A few weeks, usually in April, when the winds blow off the ocean kicking up sand and rougher seas.

There is a storm system forming off our shores…messing with the winds…and thankfully predicted to avoid us completely.  (From NHC)

I did something a bit less adventurous and went for a swim off my neighbor’s dock.  And took a bunch of pictures.

But first, I quick CONCH REPORT.  3 weeks into the season, I finally had my first conch.  And then my second.

First, the DEEEEEELICIOUS fried conch at Aba Isieni restaurant in Boca Del Rio, San Pedro.  $12bzd for a HUGE serving of freshly pounded, dredged and quick fried conch.  It. is. so. good.

I saw conch on the menu and asked if they could make it for me.

A local cat attracted to the delicious scent.

We took it to go – and it was not easy to get it home without snitching it from the container.  The view heading over the bridge…

And then second…Jeff’s conch nigiri for dinner last night…lightly soaked in lime…cilantro…sweet tender and delicious.

To the photos of the October calms…

Off to Tuto to swim.

More mullet…


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