Fearless Frannie on a Walk South on A Gorgeous Late October Day

Yesterday – I took my walk-and-go-everywhere dog Frannie and we headed south to explore a bit.  Mocha, our newest dog and really just a puppy, would LOVE to go but she is wishy-willy CRAZY and darts and tugs and cries at each and every iguana sighting.  And there are lots of sightings when walking anywhere on Ambergris Caye.   Elsie, our three-legged pitbull mix, is getting older and spends her days napping on her couch.

One quick thing before I start…this RIDICULOUS hurricane…this entire ridiculous YEAR is not over yet.  We are keeping an eye on this one to the south.  (South is not good)

Back to scheduled programming.

This is all at about 6.5 miles to 7 miles north Ambergris Caye.  (My neighborhood)

We first stopped into Xtan Ha Resort, just next door.  They are doing a bunch of renovation…but I wanted to talk to one of the guys who deals with the plants.  Much is overgrown and it’s the perfect time to ask for cuttings…samples…advice.

My eyes were on this prize.  The Travelers Palm.  They actually have about 6 of these beauties.  (Did you know they are NOT trees but large flowers related to Birds-Of-Paradise?)

But apparently, this will need to be watered…so we headed to something that needs NOTHING.  Exactly my type of gardening.

This plant…about chest high…was putting off babies.  They actually come up from the roots and stretch out up to 10 feet away!   See that pretty baby right in front?  (He told me that he would dig a few up and “dash them over our fence”.  Perfect.)

Now I just need to find a spot in our yard for these beauties.  Some sort of agave…with some serious spines.  Jason told me that they need to trim the spikes when there are guests at the resort.

We headed south…

Lots of big gorgeous pieces of drift wood – drift logs have come in.  How I’d love to drag them all home…and make some amazing drift wood garden…

This one was covered with live snails.

Frannie braving the docks with the removed slats (hurricane season prep)

I found sailor’s eyes for the first time in a while…they are single-cell algae!  And look like star Sapphires…but more like little water balloons.

See Stuff that Washes Up on the Beach on Ambergris Caye

Using this washed-up stump to open coconuts for coconut water…

Two or three houses down this way have a fearsome approaching pack of dogs – they run at you full speed…but they lost interest in me quickly and focused on sniffing up poor Frances.  (Any dogs running full speed and barking- even Pomeranians – is fearsome!)

Have a great weekend all.  I just looked outside and the plants HAVE been dashed over our fence.  Time to find a spot for them…




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