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Sparkling Ambergris Caye in Early October

Just a few days ago I wrote about how Belize lovers got hooked on Belize.  Well…yesterday it happened again…when I went out to walk Frannie on “our” beach at around 9am.  What a GORGEOUS day…

I took a bunch of snapshots here at 7 miles north and a few hours later in town.  Enjoy.

These pictures also so how changeable late Summer weather can be in Belize – crystal clear skies, the moon still up in the earlier morning, and by 130pm…as I was driving home, I got drenched in a passing shower…getting home and hanging my wet shorts in the bright sun.

Low tide and the water as clear as clear can be.  Or in Kriol “clear-clear”.

Off to town for…errands.  A bit of food shopping…pharmacy…post office…drop off trash…take 1000 pictures…the usual.

Note:  These photos are taken with my iPhone 7s…my “real camera” is on her way back!  Shipped to the Olympus repair center in Hackensack NJ (via the Belize Postal Service) – the Circuit Board was replaced, she was tuned up – and has already been delivered to a consolidator in Houston.  I should get her back in the first week of November.  PHEW!

The San Pedro lagoon…not a breeze…

But humid and HOT.  These two kids were getting cherry ices from a bicycle vendor.

First to the post office.  Elections have been called for November 11th in Belize.  And that means campaigning is in full swing…you can see the flags going up everywhere.  On November 11th – we will have a new Prime Minister.

And there is no 3-month lingering.  You are replaced…you are out that day.

These flags are UDP (United Democratic Party) – the party of our current Prime Minister, Dean Barrow.  The yellow building houses our local post office as well as…a surprise roof top pool which I wrote about earlier this week.

I was finally starting to mail postcards to some of the LOVELY AMAZING people who donated to the Scoop over the last month or two.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – it honestly helps SOOOO much right now.

Postcards designed and printed 8 years ago…and I still love them.

Pretty Green Heron stamp. Post Card Stamp Belize

They will not get to the USA quick but they will get there.  30bzd cents is a good deal I think.

For the other BEAUTIFUL new bird stamps – check out this blog from earlier this summer.  I love them.

Back outside…to the Boca Del Rio area.  I’ll go from the south (closer to town) to the north (to the bridge) and leave it there.  Have a great weekend all.

DreamCatcher Dock

And up to the Boca Del Rio Park.  You can see my rain clouds starting to gather.


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A sparkling October in Belize


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