After The Rains…The Most BEAUTIFUL Day Ever

Yesterday was so perfect on Ambergris Caye…so sunny and fresh and gorgeous.  Lower humidity…a little almost-chill to the air early in the morning (only noticeable if you have been living in the Tropics for years and years)…so insanely over-the-top beautiful that I had to show you pictures.

Our dog walk in the early afternoon.

Before I do – I don’t want to jinx anything.  But there is a storm system to watch to our south.  Just to watch because I know in my heart that we could not have two storms in November.  It’s just NOT possible.  YOU HEAR THAT WEATHER GODS OR WHOEVER GAVE US 2020!

It is November 10th FOR FUCKS SAKE.  (Excuse my language – but I think you’ll agree…it is appropriate here.)

This is the 5-day forecast for NHC.  It could die out…it could stay to the south…there is no way it would follow the strange path of Eta.

We headed into town early – driving out of our water filled yard.  On a positive note, it is receding!  It’s now about shin deep at worst.  On a less positive note, it is getting awful muddy and gross.

Who cares!  It’s the most beautiful day ever!

Note:  The roads from our house (7 miles) to town were wet in spots but fine if you drive slow.  My friend sent me these photos of around 10 miles N (a low spot – but about 250 feet of road).  They still have some drying out to do!

We were so giddy in town – after being inside for 7 days straight…the day was so beautiful…that I may have taken too many pictures.  Example:  Jeff:  Do you want to take a picture of this banana?  It’s perfect!  Me:  OMG…YES!

Our “cart banana” – a snack-banana eaten while driving a golf cart.

It felt like EVERYONE was in town.  Add in the BUZZ of election day – TOMORROW – and the town was hopping!

Everyone was also doing laundry.  Clothes lines everywhere taking advantage of the sun.

Smart!  They know their yard floods so they have a laundry island!

First…to get some veg.  The Mennonite stand on Back-A-Back Street sells THE most coconutty coconut oil.  Just a few Tablespoons of this added to a batch of rice before cooking…makes the most delicious coconut rice.

You can see that in the shade, it actually was a bit chilly!  Real coconut oil solidifies below 78 degrees F.

My bottle.

And some beautiful sweet little bananas.

The Mennonite gentleman from Corozal (who speaks Low German, Spanish and pretty great English) told me that tomato fields are knee-deep in water and watermelons are floating in the fields.

We stopped for rice and beans at Brianna’s Deli – a celebratory meal for such great weather.

And made a few more stops. I wish I liked radishes…they look so pretty but taste so bad.

Fun fact: Did you know that star fruit actually TASTE good?  They are not just that throw away garnish that you find in the states.

We headed home – ate our rice and beans and waded out to take the dogs to the beach.  Since they can’t go out into our yard yet, they get a bit stir crazy.

Watching small schools of mullet.

One of Mocha’s puppies, Coco, lives next door…so she ran out to join us.

She loves to chase her mom.  Then…they all went for a swim.

Pretty cute.

Now…let’s all collectively hope that this storm dies out.  If I believe in jinxes and weather gods, I’m just going to have to believe that we can all wish it away.

So let’s do it.




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