Belize’s COVID Restrictions Tighten to Combat Growing Case Numbers and…Well…Thanksgiving

Yesterday, we were so wrapped up in our Micro-Thanksgiving preparations that I had no idea that our new Minister of Health (Belize elected a new government, a new Prime Minister, on November 11th) was holding a press conference.

The topic of the press conference?  The increases in cases and death from COVID-19 in Belize.  (For updates on daily testing, new cases, deaths, and locations, see the Ministry of Health facebook page)


Here are some bullet points.  You can read the full memo and summary from the Ministry of Health at the bottom of this post.  These measures are in addition to mandatory mask-wearing, groups of 10 people or less only and mandatory social distancing.

  • There is a curfew implemented for 21-days starting Saturday, November 28th from 9 pm to 5 am.  ***UPDATED TO 10PM TO 5AM.
  • Restaurants without outdoor dining must operate only by delivery or take-out.
  • Restaurants with outdoor dining are limited to 12 persons in total. ** OPEN-AIR RESTAURANTS CAN NOW OPERATE AT HALF CAPACITY.
  • Bars (without restaurants) to remain closed
  • Gyms to remain closed

I have been seeing tourists on the island – not in huge numbers by any means, but groups here and there.  Everyone seems to be operating quite nicely within the guidelines.  Case numbers have been low on Ambergris Caye so far and it’s important to all of us to keep it that way!

I know more restrictions will be met with some angst – Ambergris Caye NEEDS to get back to normal and that means TOURISM.

It’s a crazy tough time on the island – more and more you’ll see people on the corner selling homemade juices, tortillas, baked goods…people trying to make a little money to pay to feed their families.  If you are visiting or are here with a little disposable income, please do your best to support.

Do you need those extra donuts?  No…probably not.  But the person who worked hard to make them in the early morning probably VERY much appreciates the extra few dollars at home.

Belize NEEDS tourism to come back and we are welcoming with open arms (okay…more like distanced elbow bumps but you know what I mean) and open hearts EVERYONE who comes down here.  The weather is gorgeous.  Let’s just do it safely.

And now to a totally different topic – American Thanksgiving.  We kept it very small (which has been the story of our lives for the last 8 or 9 months…)

I even put up a small (VERY small) Christmas tree.  Our larger one is in a box at the camp waiting for 2021.  (Did you know that you can make a miniature tree skirt AND topper with a cheap santa hat and a pair of scissors?  🙂  )

The weather is sunny and breezy and beautiful – and next week, it looks like we are expecting a cold front!  (Translation:  temperatures in the mid-70s when you wake up…with a crispy breeze.  Tourists in bathing suits, locals in long-sleeved t-shirts and winter caps)

My same old “in my bubble” photos.  But taken yesterday!

Jeff, Mocha and Frannie headed down to beach.

Mocha’s puppy Coco.  Now 9 months old…living next door at Tuto Belize…and getting MUCH calmer as she acclimates to tourist and just…people!

She loves loves loves a good belly scratch

Thanksgiving lunch yesterday.  I did the potatoes and the dessert…and cornbread for the stuffing.  Jeff did the turkey and the stuffing and the gravy.

Me carving my favorite food.

The dessert – Ina Garten’s Apple Crumble (I made a half recipe) was DIVINE.  Better than any apple pie in my book.  It’s all about the orange and lemon zest…you don’t taste it…it just cuts the sweetness.  YUM.

Media crema – a boxed thickened cream…when whipped vigorously with a bit of sugar and cinnamon and chilled made a very tasty topping.  (It thickened but not as stiff as whipped cream.)  Also DELICIOUS in mashed potatoes.

I just might have to add it to my list – Things I Didn’t Know I Needed:  LIfe on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Plenty of leftovers so for dinner tonight?  Stuffing waffles with all the fixings on top!  This is WHY we bought a waffle iron earlier this year!

Here’s the picture in my mind.  (And on Food Network)


And…the memo from our Ministry of Health.








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