Now A Tropical Depression, High Tides and RAIN from Eta on Ambergris Caye

Two days ago Hurricane Eta hit the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua as a STRONG Cat 4 Hurricane.  Catastrophic…the surge…the winds…awful.  And then she started losing strength and she slowed down considerably.  To a crawl.  And central Central America (that’s a thing, right?) braced for some serious rain.

The already waterlogged land and rivers at the very end of the storm season….ugh.

Videos are emerging of entire towns under water…raging rivers rushing down the main streets of villages in Honduras.  It’s hard to imagine.

Because even though the storm is hundreds of miles away from us on Ambergris Caye – we are all thankfully safe – but the high tides and the beach erosion and THE RAIN…

Location of ETA now.  For updates, see NHC.  Instead of traveling up through Belize – Eta is now predicted to move off shore from Guatemala.

I’ll just show you some pictures from yesterday at high tide in San Pedro town.

But first…last night, we got an estimated 10 inches of rain.  And we are rained in.  These are some pictures of Jeff taking the dogs for a walk this morning…heading to higher ground.

Love Jeff’s optimism and sunglasses.

Our stubbiest dog – and a terrier mix – Frannie decided to hop and then swim through it.

I think today will be an inside day.

Windfinder is predicting a rainy few days but let’s hope that the bulk of it is behind us.  And be thankful we are not near a river – mainland Belize has much bigger flooding worries.  We are thinking of you all!

Photos from yesterday in town at about 1pm…very near high tide.

I HAD to head to town – watching the US election news was making me WAY TOO NERVOUS.

I picked a time when it wasn’t raining…the sky was brightening a bit.

The wading birds were loving the newly flooded areas.  Drowning bugs?  Delicious!  I saw tons of ibises, flocks of snowy egrets, little blue herons, green and tri-colored herons and about 8 of my faves.  The roseate spoonbill.  The flamingo of Belize.

The road was flooded in spots but not terrible.  The most water was just before the bridge – the entire lot was flooded and flowing right over the road.

And to my right…the river was overflowing.

The previous night’s high tide had washed over most of the beach…leaving erosion and flooded areas.

And then into town – I parked the cart over by Estel’s and walked to the beach…


The dock by Fido’s…

What I REALLY NEED NOW is a pumpkin spice latte from my favorite spot – Lavish Habit.  I’ve been craving one for MONTHS!


I took it to go!  And peaked right back down the alley way.  RAIN IS COMING!

I jumped in the cart!  And made it about halfway home before…RAIN!

At least someone was loving it…

Happy fishing pinkie.

It’s 10.15am 11/5 now…and the sun is…slowly peeking out.  If it keeps up…our yard might be dry in two…three day?

Let’s all remember to breathe!

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