Pumice Art and Plotting My Stay at One of THE COOLEST Hotel Rooms on Ambergris Caye

I don’t try to hide it.  I spend about an hour a day on a property NOT my own.  We are so lucky to live next door to one of the most beautiful plots of land on Ambergris Caye – Tuto Belize.    (The word “plot” minimizes this MASSIVE property – over 1000 feet of some of the best beachfront in the country.)

Tuto Beach

Here’s their website.

We take our dogs there every single afternoon.  Jeff watches the dogs and the water…for bonefish and permit.  The dogs play with Coco – Mocha’s puppy that was adopted at Tuto.  And I comb the beach.  Generally for seabeans.

Look inside these beautiful cottages in my post:  My Favorite Property on the Island is Now Open – Tuto Belize

Mr George, who owns the property (his family was one of the original founders of San Pedro) once asked me “What are you going to do with all of those?”

I was confused by the question.  CLEARLY, he isn’t a bric-a-brac, a novelty, a tsatske collector!

Stuff that Washes Up On the Beaches of Ambergris Caye

In my mind, I’m going to make murals of them…drill and string them up as Christmas garland and wall hangings….I’ve got big plans!  (None of which have come to fruition YET)

Jeff’s mom brought me a dremel down in her luggage last year!

I have bowls and bowls of stuff from the sea…tiny bits of coral, drift seeds and sea beans, shells, a few old glass bottles, babydoll parts and am now working on my new collection – PUMICE.

I’ve been recently inspired by these outdoor hangings that were posted by one of the more remote lodges that I’ve seen…Leaning Palms Resort – a few miles from the AMAZING village of Gales Point Manatee.

My Post:  Gales Point:  One of the Most Unique Spots in Belize & An Effort to Save the Endangered Hawksbill Turtle 

They posted this picture and my mind started whirring…

It coincides perfectly with the influx of STUFF that the recent storms have churned up.

This weekend I set out to do a bit more combing…and get started on this next project and just take a bunch of pictures.

A tide of Crocs seems to have come in…some with barnacles…

And one of 100s of chunks of pumice.  Mysterious since there are no volcanoes that I know of around these parts…

Pumice is a rock that floats.  Rock that is ejected from a volcano…almost like rock foam – and quickly cooled in the water.

Wonder no longer!  Here’s a scientific study tracking how pumice may travel to the shores of Belize – and it even discusses the barnacles.

I made 2 trips…filling my small bag and got the pumice in some bleach water to…remove the smell of dying barnacles.

A project begun.

I also plotted my stay in one of the most unique hotel rooms on the island – the tiny house at Tuto.  On the far north side of the property – no electricity (except for a tiny solar panel) – complete quiet, complete darkness.

They call it glamping.  I fill you in on all the details when I stay there!  Is this just a little lavender trimmed dream?!

A few more photos.  My third trip over to Tuto for the day – the dogs, Mocha and Frannie, giving me “sad eyes” as they are left behind.

Tour boats returning to town after fishing…

The moon was amazing…huge and gorgeous as the sun set.  I wanted to take 1000 pictures to show you how stunning it was and got…ZERO.

A blurry pin pick in the sky.

I hope it’s the effort that counts…but in blogging?  I don’t think so.

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