The Sun is Out – Ambergris Caye Starts to Dry Out after Eta

Who thought that the worst storm of the year for Ambergris Caye (and all of Belize) would hit land over 400 miles away (as the crow flies) – south of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua?

She’s now over Cuba…and threatening Florida.

Ambergris Caye is extremely lucky.  We did see up to 20 inches of rain – some people are saying more and very high tides/storm surge.  Boats filled with rain and sunk…beach erosion is bad in spots…yards and roads are flooded but relatively, we are in a good spot.

The mainland of Belize saw rivers rise higher than they have in decades.  Sections of San Ignacio are under water…smaller villages devastated.  You can see some coverage here.

Yesterday THE SUN CAME OUT!  And you could see the storm clouds moving out to sea…it was a GORGEOUS afternoon to wade out carrying the dogs (our yard flooded with rain water) and take some pictures in my neighborhood.  We are going to wait until Monday to drive out – for the easement to dry up a bit more.  Fingers crossed!

Because of the construction site in front of us…this water is getting GROSS!

The churned-up sea, though, was starting to clear and…it was glowing.

The beach near the water is clear but only because the gunk was pushed up high by the small surge.

It took quite a bit of sand with it.

Pretty minnows…Jeff spotted some BIG permit and we watched a shark swim near shore…

I shared the video on my Instagram.  Nurse shark!  About 7 feet?

I think everyone is enjoying some sun.

We headed south…

This wonky dock has been wonky for years.

A few feet of beach erosion for sure.

A picture (below) of this same tree just over a week ago – it was firmly on land…with about 3 feet between the tree and the water.  (I took this same walk on October 30…if you’d like to see Before Eta pics)


Time to get home to tend to our laundry – we hang it all to dry.  It seems like everything we owned was wet!

Have a great weekend everyone…what’s left of it.


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