Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Lovers Of Belize

Remember the days when you would start thinking about Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving?  And then start shopping in the first few weeks of December?   Those days are long over.  Many people I know in the states are finished with their Christmas shopping.   Done!  Now…a good 19 days away from the big day is considered LAST MINUTE.

So here is my list of items that you can order from the US.  These are for non-Belize based shopper; for those located in the lands of things like Amazon Prime and Overnight Shipping!

Shipping, unfortunately, from Belize to the US can be both EXPENSIVE, subject to duty and it takes up to 2 to 4 weeks (even longer in these strange times).

If I had more time, my list would be filled with items from Belize Chocolate , Twig and Pearl, and the MANY local vendors making beautiful things!  But I procrastinated…

So I’ve compiled a list of gifts (ones that I would like to receive or give – no filler here!) for the Belize lovers in your life.

I’ll start with this…

Available at Amazon!

Take You Back to One of Ambergris Caye’s Favorite Spots Until Your Next Trip!

Everyone who visits LOVE the Truck Stop.  Belize’s first food truck park – with games, a killer dock to watch the sunset, great food and great drinks.

Surprise your family and friends with uber-cool Truck Stop merch.

Expect to hear:  “How’d you get this Mom!?!  You are the coolest!”

Click here for their US based store.

A Tee Shirt From Your Grandpa Because Well….He Loves T-Shirts!

And really?  This is for everyone because…fry jacks are pretty much the best food EVER invented.

IDSeven – the creator of the SUPER FAMOUS “You Had Me At Fry Jacks” – has a US store.  Take a look!

Cool Prints of Belize

Etsy is a treasure trove/black hole of all things.  Here are some cute retro looking prints that would look great framed.

This artist has a killer collection from around the world. 

This one is almost like a retro airline poster.  Love it.

This minimalist Blue Hole is cool too.

And if you love Placencia…this is beautiful and you can pick colors!

And while you are on the site, why not pick up a Tropical Themed mask – THE gift for 2020.  And one that HOPEFULLY you will find in the back of your drawer in a few years and think…wow…remember that?!

Dragon Fruit Mask!


A Great Stocking Stuffer

Nothing, NOTHING says Belize like Marie Sharp’s hot sauce.  If  you’ve been to Belize, you’ve had it and you probably have a favorite flavor.  (I LOVE the Smoky Mild flavor – plus it has a GREAT label)

Here is her US website – you can buy the beloved sauce in spots all around the US online and offline.

For Your Husband – Whose Very First Stop in Belize is Jet’s Bar

For YEARS, Jet’s Bar was the only spot to have a beer or rum punch – any alcohol – while you waited for your flight at Belize’s International Airport.   ONE AIRPORT BAR!

So Jet did not have to work hard to sell drinks….he wanted to!  Jet is a CHARACTER.  I’d guess (generously) that he is 5 feet tall.  His TINY bar, covered in patches, pictures, stickers, autographs is one of the most ICONIC spots in Belize.  And even worldwide.  If you’ve been there, it’s a place you will talk about for a long time.

So how about a bit of Belizean Rum?  Tiburon 8 Year Aged.  Winner of awards.

It ships from California – and to a limited number of states.   The shipping is a bit pricy (you might want to order in bulk!) but I know that this gift will be very well received by all.

(I went to the fancy dress Opening Party in 2015 for Tiburon – and you’d swear that Johnny Depp actually WAS there)

And Who Doesn’t Love a Fruity Cocktail – A Panti-Rippa Kit

A small basket…a bottle of Coconut Rum and a Container of Pineapple Juice.  You’ve got a Panti Rippa Party right there!  And a very cute gift.

Things For Your Friends who are DYING TO TRAVEL!

There are many MUSTs I have for travel – that make packing and traveling less stressful and tedious and more let you focus on the fun part.

NEEDED:  my Kindle, zip lock bags…just in case…a quick-dry towel (my 10-year-old formerly white Aquis one could use a major upgrade)

Here are some suggestions AND the upgrade for that white-ish towel.

I’m sticking with Aquis!  The white towel has a few spots but cut it some slack!  I’ve used it everyday for 10 years – and she’s been camping in the Chiquibuil rainforest and rafting in British Colombia.  They pack up small…dry out QUICK…. don’t look all “I’m a professional backpacker” and are perfect to throw in your bag for a sailing trip.

I know it doesn’t look so exciting here but these things are AWESOME.

Aquis Waffle Towel

Dopp Kit/Bags for all of those Extra Things!

You pack your clothes so neatly…so organized and then you are left with 101 others.  Chargers and cords and shampoos and sunblocks…

Most can go into zip lock bags – which you can use over and over but it’s nice to have a nice shaving kit/make-up bag.

Paravel makes lightweight, nice stuff.  And this cute bag set is also very reasonable priced and well…snazzy looking for a male or female.  Good colors too.

Paravel Wash Kit

I have a pet peeve about people who walk into the airport wearing a neck pillow around their neck like it’s a fashion statement.  I’m not sure why it irks me so much because about 1 hour into every single flight I take…I’m DYING for a neck pillow.  Why did I scoff?  What is wrong with me?

You’ll also want one on a long bus trip.  Trust me.

So…you can either go low key. Here’s my pick.  Lots of colors.  Machine washable.  Perfect.

From Trtl – avaialbe on Amazon.  No…that’s not me.

And NO.  I am not ready for this one…

or this one.

But trust.  If I ever go to India again (and I pray that I do!  I’m buying them ALL!)

I could go on all day – but I’ll leave it at that!  Let me know what you are getting for your Belize loving friends…the little things that will keep them hanging on…the ones that say…


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2020 Belize Gift Guide for those DREAMING of Travel

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