A Trip to Town EARLY On Christmas Eve & The Beautiful New Look at the Iguana Sanctuary

We hadn’t planned to go to town today.  But I got a message that there would be a gift waiting for me – that had traveled over from Corozal on the mainland.  The Thunderbolt Water Taxi doesn’t have an office proper – so I told Frannie, our wonky legged dog, to get in the cart.  We are headed to town.

This is Frannie’s “BEST DAY EVER” face.

Here are the photos I took…and then I’ll leave you to enjoy Christmas eve.  Happy HAPPY and healthy holidays to all of you.

This is how Frannie likes to ride – between me and the gas pedal/brake.  Ready to jump out whenever I slow down.

IF there was a golf cart driving test, I’m sure this would be a giant No-No.

It’s a gorgeous HOT day on Ambergris Caye.  That’s going to change overnight – look at the Windfinder report…after midnight tonight, the wind speed goes from 5mph to about 30 mph in a few hours.  And the temperature will drop 10 degrees from the high.

Florida will see the same plummet – though much cooler.  Florida has issued a Falling Iguana Alert!  Apparently at 50 degrees (this island will NEVER see that) they become extremely lethargic and below 40?  They start dropping out of trees.  More on iguanas later…

The water, as we went over the bridge, was SO clear that we parked in the church parking lot (seen above with the beautiful Christmas tree) and went to take some pictures.

To the west-ish…back to the San Pedro lagoon.

And to the east and the reef.

We checked on Jeff’s boat and dropped off trash.

I drove to Front Street to try to get a photo of Frannie by the Christmas tree.  There were TOO many scents for her to focus.

We picked up our package…the view heading down Front Street.  A traffic officer was directing traffic for the first time in…9 months?

I decided to take a quick stop at Calvin’s Iguana Sanctuary.  I’ll need to update my full post on this spot.  It is looking AMAZING.

San Pedro Green Iguana Sanctuary

An absolute MUST VISIT.


He has done so much work…they are about to put a new raised walkway into the mangroves.  His home looks incredible.  Calvin is installing bathrooms and sinks – to make this all an official tourism site.

The bathrooms are going to be as beautiful as everything in this whole area – artwork.  Make sure to see his house…made all of small pieces of wood.  Look at this cool door!

I only saw one big beauty – the rest were out sunning in the mangroves.  No need to worry about dropping in Belize.

The national flower of Belize was blooming too.  The Black Orchid.

Frannie did NOT like being leashed in the car for that stop so we hurried along.

The wall at the High School looking beautiful.

And some pictures of Boca Del Rio.  Frannie trotting OUT of the cart the whole time.

Smelling wings…

That’s it from me!  Talk to you later.  I hope Santa is very kind to you.

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