Belize First “Cold Front” of 2020 Strikes!

Are there seasons in Belize?  YES!  Very much so.  It’s just relative.  I’ve seen people write about 2 seasons in Belize…

…and I’ve seen 3 seasons but I KNOW there are four.

Storm season, Winter, Easter Winds and Summer (you can read all the details here)

But yesterday, no matter WHAT the calendar says (ok…it says December 20th is the official start) – WINTER in Belize started.  The wind shifted….and is now blowing briskly from the north (it’s called a Norte) – humidity dips low – the temperature dipping perilously in the mid 70s F (about 24C for those of you on that crazy metric system) – and San Pedrano got out their hoodies and scarves and mitten.  YES MITTENS.

Like I said…it’s all relative.  The average temperature in Belize is 80F, the warmest month is May with an average temperature of 83 and the coldest, January, average, 75.  (Weather data here)

I put on a sweatshirt and we headed to town…the morning was grey but the sun peaked out for a while.  And when you stood in it?  It was bathing suit weather.  Just ask these two tourists lounging at Sandy Toes Beach bar.

I generally don’t sneak up on people but they are like a new species on these shores!  Tourista Americana.  They are very welcome.

I stopped by my friend Polo’s shop – the golf cart rental place and GORGEOUS gift shop at the VERY north end of Front Street.  I’d heard that they have a REAL Christmas tree outside.

They do!  And it’s still being decorated.

A beautiful Norfolk pine – that Polo planted expecting a small ornamental tree.  And now it is as tall as his home.

There is a small souvenir shop on the first floor – a GREAT spot for local arts and crafts.

Polo is a great lover of animals – and since I’ve known him, he’s had guinea pigs, bunnies, parrots and lots and lots of dogs.

This little cutie is named Lacey and was dressed for the cold front.  I wanted her to pose in front of the BEWARE of dogs sign in her tutu.  Super cute.

One more pic – his house looks SO great.   And a real pine decorated outside?  It’s the equivalent of Belize’s Rockefeller Christmas tree in NYC!

I’m going to stop in when they are fully decorated – and get the full scoop on Polo and his fantastic house overlooking the San Pedro old cemetery and the beach AND his family’s gift shop.


Roger poling his boat – it’s such a beautiful sight.

The new bar called NautiCrab – from the owners of Crazy Canucks.  Basically Crazy Canucks has moved – and needed a new name.  Have you been to the crab races?   It’s a must-do in San Pedro.

Sandy Toes Bar had quite a few customers.  (Occupancy is limited to groups of 10 people or less – and a total of half occupancy at the restaurant)

What a pretty day.

A quick picture from the water taxi dock – a view of Central Park as it clouded up again.

And then homeward.  Truck Stop – which re-opens on December 17th – is getting ready for Christmas and looks fantastic.

I can’t WAIT to have a slice of delicious conch pizza.

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