Frances and Her Wonky Legs Go To Town on A Gorgeous Wednesday Morning in December

Last night, when I arrived home…it was about 3pm…and Frannie was limping.  Not just a slight head bob when walking, Frances our wonky-legged banana terrier could hardly put her paw down.

I’ll back up to quickly explain.  Frances, like many dogs here on the island, have…well…a certain shape.  A beautiful shape but…do not get me wrong!…but it’s a bit…off.  They might look like normal dogs if seen from the neck up…but from the neck down?  They are wonky-legged weiner dogs.  An extra vertebrae or two…and Queen Anne legs.  (I didn’t know that was a thing either!)

My thesis is that one of the original settlers of the island brought a wonky-legged Corgi…or perhaps a Daschusand and he sired many MANY pups.  But that’s just a theory…

The term “Queen Anne Legs” is used for dogs with bandy legs and named after furniture, not the brief queen of England. Anyway…the legs are susceptible to injury.

Some examples.  And if you look around San Pedro, you will most certainly see more.

Panny’s dog

Kathy’s dog Mr Big.  A Scottish terrier-weiner dog?

Random dog in town that if…he was up to his neck in water, you might think he is a pit bull or pitbull mix but instead…he is a wonky weiner dog.

Frances, our dog –  on her “camoflauge sheets”

The Queen Anne leg (for furniture) – and a few illustrations on dogs.  Deformity is such a harsh word!

It’s a very descriptive name.

ANYWAY she was shaking from what we thought was pain so…Jeff rushed her into the vet’s office last night and got something to alleviate the pain.  She got an appointment to see the vet the next morning.  8:30am for x-rays…

That’s my job!  I dropped her off for her diagnosis and appointment – and was told that they would call in a few hours.  So…I took some photos around town.

Truck Stop opens tomorrow, December 17th!

And a bit more Christmas…a very cute tree in Boca del Rio.

And Central Park San Pedro.

I stopped into the San Pedro Tourism Guides’ Office.  Over the last 6 months, I worked (in a tiny way) with to help them raise an incredible amount of money for a food distribution program.

They sell a REALLY cool book for $15bzd in the office which stays open just in the morning.  8am to noon.  If you know anyone who loves San Pedro history?  This is chock full of information on early tourism – hotels…guides…restaurants, photos…this would make a great Christmas present.

Ok…let’s keep moving.

I always like this juice shop name/sign I see.  Juicy Allure 🙂

The Conch Shell Hotel glowing in the sun.

Walking by the Phoenix – they just won a 2021 Conde Nast Johansen’s Award.

I walked out to the Palapa Bar.  They were not open just yet.

A good sign:  If your thighs touch, your one step closer to being a mermaid. (I will not point out the grammatical error – that would be tacky 😉 )

Belikin was delivering…

Back to Front Street.

The BEAUTIFUL peppers!


3 dolla pork tacos and one banana juice.

I said hi to a licky-monster pitbull named Bella.  Her cute legs look perfect.

And a few more pictures…

Belize Sign San Pedro

San Pedro Swings

And got a call from Ingrid at SAGA – Frannie’s ready!  No x-ray needed – probably a strained muscle.  Meds for a week and NO RUNNING AND DIGGING.

Frannie was excited to see me.

Awww….it reminded me of the day that we picked her up – her adoption day – over 2 years ago.

Jeff and Frannie at SAGA Humane Society – July 31, 2018.  Cutest pics ever!

These were MADE to be a .gif.  Good suggestion!

We stopped for lunch at Aba Isieni at the way home.  Frannie was getting a bit drowsy…

Oh those wonky legs!  They kill me.


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