A Very Cool Spot to Stay Or “Glamp” on Ambergris Caye: Tuto’s Tiny House

Have you ever dreamed of a tiny wooden cabin on an endless white sand beach away from everything?  Perhaps a view like this?

I think I’ve got a very cool place for you…but first…

We’ve all seen it – the tiny house craze.  And you are either drawn to it immediately – just the term “tiny home” or “downsizing” speaks to what you’ve always wanted to do – wanted to be!  OR…like me…it fills you with fear.  But…but…MY STUFF?  What would I do with my…seabean and micro-shells collection…those t-shirts I have under the bed “just in case”…my 500 books!

You see, on some level, I much more identify with a show like “Hoarders:  Buried Alive” than I do with “Tiny Home Living”.  But that is probably all best shared with a certified therapist 😉

So let me get to my actual topic – TINY HOUSE VACATIONING ON AMBERGRIS CAYE.  This is perfect for even me! I LOVE the idea of packing just the essentials (my Kindle and a few bathing suits) and getting away from it all.   Even my stuff.

Tuto Tiny House

More than just a “tiny house”, it’s a romantic getaway, a way to experience Ambergris Caye like it was 40…50 years ago.  Your own beach..no sound…stars…waking with the sun…

All at the gorgeous property just to our north – Tuto Belize.  1000+ feet of one of the best beaches on Ambergris Caye.  A HUGE property with 4 beautiful cabanas that you can rent.  We are there almost every single day – walking our dogs, playing with Coco (the runt of Mocha’s puppies) – one of the Tuto dogs…

The main house – my favorite home on the island.

About 10001 coconut trees.

A BEAUTIFUL long dock perfect for swimming.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will see this amazing property every single day.  I cannot tell you how grateful we are to live next door.

Dock at Tuto

And…at the far end of the property – off on her own – the tiny house.  Off-the-grid and just about perfect.

A few pictures inside the cabanas.  Super spacious…just beautiful.  2 beds…kitchenette…tv…sitting area.  Some more in My Favorite Property on Ambergris Caye:  Tuto Belize.

The view…I took this during construction a few years back.

But all the way down the beach…past the dock…and then another couple hundred feet is this house.  At the edge of the property.  (The next 1000 feet of beachfront AFTER the tiny house are also empty – owned by the Tuto family)

The only power….lights that are solar-powered.  Both a bedside light and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Inside and then I’ll leave it there.  I have SOOO many photos of this property…50 a week?  More…I could go on and on and on…

A bathroom with a shower…and everything you need to bathe after going in the ocean…

My dream cabana in the middle of nowhere DEFINITELY has a powder blue YETI cooler!  No ice?  No dice.

No more photos from me.  Like I said, I could go on and on and on and on.  PLUS…we had a power outage last night at 630pm that ended at about 5am.  I’m not feeling my freshest.

Have a great day.  And for more information on Tuto, check out their website – for the history and the layout and the amenities at this very very pretty property.

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