A Quick Stop at Coco Beach Resort And An Even Quicker Look at the “New” Venezia

Though I had planned to spend the whole weekend at home…working on my monthly newsletter format (“tech work” – also known as my least favorite thing to do in the world)


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I had a very quick last minute errand to run.  To pick something up at the front desk at Coco Beach Resort.  A place that I pass at least a few times a week – it is at about 4 miles north, Ambergris Caye and we live at about 7.5 miles north.  But I haven’t actually stopped there in ages!  I took a few snapshots…and a short walk to check out construction at the Venezia del Caribe and didn’t think much of it.

But I posted a picture of both on Instagram yesterday afternoon and got 20+ questions and comments.  About the Venezia…how is the construction going?  And comments about Coco Beach – from a few people that own there and a few that visited yearly and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  So…I thought I’d share with all of you.

I might need to work on getting an invite to Coco Beach!

Here are my photos.

Entrance to Coco Beach Resort

They have a huge pool – in fact two huge pools.  The one closer to the back have a cool rock slide.

I headed to the resort-under-construction next door called the Venezia Del Caribe.  If my recollection is correct – it started construction in 2010…I’ve been looking back thru my old blog posts.   I remember a pretty fancy BIG bar opening there in 2015 called the V Bar.

Here is a picture I found back from 2015.

They switched to Wyndham in 2017 – and I wrote about that.

Here are my photos yesterday.  I popped into the Model Unit on the beach – it looks like the only unit totally completed right now.  Large and cool with Venetian/Italian inspired decor.  The salespeople were busy with a couple so I just took some photos outside.

They are building out very close to the water.  The condos and then what looks like a pool?

HOLY MOLY.  Have you ever seen the pools at the Cancun Moon Palace…LARGEST IN THE CARIBBEAN!?!

The pools haven’t been started yet – or at least not the Venice-style pools in the final plans.

The first phase is advertised to open in Spring of 2021.

The pool area – between the large buildings.

A QUICK quick picture of Belizean Shores – the two story development built in the late 90s I believe.  Lots and lots of space…and when I moved here in 2007 – they had (or so I heard at the time) the best pool on the island.   It’s not as GIANT as these others but it’s still pretty nice…

That’s it from me.  My next month’s goal is to explore some different parts of the island – ones that I haven’t visited in ages both north and south of town.

Please let me know if you have any ideas!  Businesses or just beach walks…I’m up for it!

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