Belize Steps Up To Provide Required Testing on Departure Easy and…US Quarantine?

I started writing this post yesterday morning and since then a few things have POTENTIALLY changed.

Belize is open to foreign travelers.  And while the land borders remain closed, air travel between the US and Belize started in October of 2020 and the schedule has been ramping up.  (United just started a Saturday direct flight from Denver – current temperature 41F to Belize)

Belize is VERY committed to welcoming tourism (BOY ARE WE EVER!) and doing it safely.    Here are the protocols and requirements in place for visiting Belize.

And, from what I can see, airfares are low and there are good deals to be found!

** Please note:  On January 22, President Biden signed a slew of Executive Orders in the US and “declared war” on the COVID-19 virus and its newest strains that have caused the death of over 405,000 Americans – 100,000 in just the last 4.5 weeks.  It is clear to this blogger, that the laissez-faire approach of the last administration was not working. 

The US has one of the highest death rates in the world from the Virus,  Biden’s executive orders set forth broad goals – and mentions that it will keep all tools available – including quarantine.  Headlines this morning seem to say that quarantine is in place – from the wording I see that is not the case but remains a possibility.

Travelpulse says:  “Details of the new quarantine mandate haven’t yet been hammered out just yet and President Biden has asked federal agencies to submit within the next 14 days their recommendations regarding the appropriate duration of quarantine, and acceptable timing and types of COVID tests under this order, within the next 14 days.”

Here is the actual executive order.

Quarantine mandates have been in place in Canada for many months.  Countries like the UK (#1 in deaths per 100,000) and Belgium have implemented them only recently.  (Information on the UK and 10 day self-isolation and Belgium here.)

Clearly, this is a BIG DEAL – and we will all…especially those in the travel industry…be watching VERY CAREFUL.  The Travel Industry in the States is also HUGE – though not percentage-wise as compared to Belize.

Just a bit more than a week ago, the United States and the CDC announced an additional requirement for anyone flying into the country – a 72-hour negative COVID test – either PCR or rapid test.

This goes into place on January 26th, 2021.

Here are the recommended locations for testing.

Belize Medical Center on Ambergris Caye is offering rapid testing with results in 30 minutes either given in person or via email – $150bzd

This testing at your location service will also be available.

You can read more about this service in San Pedro Sun.

Here are testing sites around the country.

Again…we are all waiting for further information from the CDC…scared for our economy just starting to come back…ugh.  This sucks.

(Deep thoughts by Rebecca Coutant)

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