Maya Island Air Converts Former Terminal in Rapid COVID Testing Site

As of January 26th, 2021, international travelers returning to (or just entering) the USA must have in hand a NEGATIVE COVID test – taken with 72-hours of the flight time.  The test results can be from a PCR test or a rapid test.

Guidelines from the CDC: Requirements for proof of a Negative COVID test

Now obtaining that test result just got a little bit more convenient in San Pedro, Belize.  There is a new testing site – opened on Saturday, January 23rd.  It’s a joint venture between Caring Hands Clinic and Maya Island Air.  And it looks FANTASTIC.

Yesterday I stopped in for a look around and a quick chat.  They were quite busy!

Let me tell you the facts first and then I can get to the “less-hard-news…the fluff” – my favorite part!

  • The clinic is located just next to the Maya Island Air Terminal
  • The price is $65US if you are using Maya Island Air for your connection flights to international or $75US for everyone else.
  • The clinic is open 9 to 5pm every day (at some point they may go to half days on the weekend depending on demand- please check their VERY good site for all info!)
  • Antigen/Rapid tests are given by appointment or by walk-in – though appt is recommended.  You can make an appointment on the website or by phone.  Results are available in 10-15 minutes with a certificate or they can be emailed.
  • They have a large open air waiting area.

For the turn-around time (these new testing measures were just announced less than 2 weeks ago) – the clinic AND the website look amazing.

The testing area.

A small pharmacy with medicines for those who might test positive.

Note:  Waiting for the last minute to get your test – right before your flight from Belize is probably not the best idea.  The clinic has done about 20 tests in its first few days of operation (I visited yesterday so they were about 1.5 days into the new regs) – and all were negative.  But if you do test positive, you are required to quarantine in Belize….obviously.  And that sort of planning – assisted by your current hotel and the Ministry of Health, is not something you’ll want to do last minute.

Ultimately this new clinic will become a medical facility with broader offerings for the community – not just COVID.  Fantastic to have a medical facility right in the center of town!

I spoke with Nurse Cora Guillen, you can read her excellent credentials here.  An Arizona resident, she has lived in San Pedro for quite a few years now and…I always like to know what brought people to Belize.  So I asked:

She visited Belize in 2008 for a graduation present!  She was smitten with the country – I get that! – and visited a few more times and then…met her husband.  A Belizean.  She moved to San Pedro permanetaly in 2013 and is now married and the mother of three gorgeous kids.  She works with a private doctor and does some private duties and now works at the Caring Hand Clinic Antigen Test Center.

Please check out their website for all answers to all questions or to make an appointment.  And you can see my earlier blog post for Additional information on COVID testing sites in San Pedro and around Belize.

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