A Look at the Sunset Caribe Development and the GORGEOUS View

A Look at the Progress at Sunset Caribe on Ambergris Caye

I’ve been seeing photos on social media of Sunset Caribe and…WOW.

Wasn’t it just YESTERDAY that I went to take photos of the MASSIVE cement pour of this building?

No…in fact, it was the summer of 2019 but I’m amazed by the progress!  Especially during 2020 – when things were…far from normal…and construction projects, planes into the country (and most movement) were shut down for months.

In that time, Sunset Caribe went from this…


Sunset Caribe is located JUST across the street from Grand Caribe Belize, just about 2.5 miles north of San Pedro town – facing the lagoon and the generally epic view sunset view.

Yesterday I stopped in for a quick tour – and took way too many pictures of the view…from the units…from the ROOFTOP and from the pool area.  And not enough of the modern and clean and spacious units inside.   Take a look at my pictures and you can find more information on their website.

Just a quick digression:  I did take careful mental note of all the “amenities” that life at Sunset Caribe will come with.  I use quotation marks because I’m not exactly sure if sewage treatment counts as an amenity.  I definitely think it does!

Sunset Caribe will make their own water – they have a waste treatment plant – they have BACK UP generators – all the things that I never ever thought about when I lived in a rental apartment in NYC.  No rationing water during the dry season (or ordering a pick-up truck to deliver tanks of it to your cistern) – no sleepless nights when the power turns off in August and is out all night – no stove shutting off mid-pasta boil Sunday afternoon because you are out of propane and the propane guys don’t open until Monday…no…well…we don’t want to talk about what can happen with septic tanks…

Now let’s get to the pretty pictures.

From above…so you can see the COOL placement of the jacuzzi and the spot where the bar will be.

I mean…if you are into watching the sunset with a drink in hand while in a jacuzzi.  (Hot tub?   Is the word “jacuzzi” too 80s?  I need to get with the program)

I took a few photos of my favorite units – on the bottom floor.  They are high ceiling loft units with a beautiful kitchen and large window…and they start at $199K.

We took the elevator up to the fifth floor – and saw a HUGE 3 bedroom, 3 bath with AMAZING views.  Even on the walk from the elevator to your front door.  WOW.

The larger kitchen in the 3 bedroom and then just up the stairs to the HUGE roof area and the views.

You can see the entrance way to Sunset Caribe below.

And then a bit more northward to Grand Caribe.

And to the west out over the San Pedro Lagoon.  Secret Beach is on the horizon…

And then the view down towards town…that dock jutting out with the shades over it is The Truck Stop.


Sales have been very strong – so much so that they should be starting on Building 2 soon.

And I’ll start saving for my LOFT pied-a-terre…though I’m not sure how my 3 dogs will do with my  beautiful ivory upholstery 😉

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